A Business Owner’s Primer on Commercial Restroom Renovations


Renovations to your commercial restroom can be time consuming and stressful, and they can require a lot of planning to make sure that your new project is perfect. One of the last things that business owners want to find out after completing a commercial restroom renovation is that the materials selected won’t hold up over time and will require maintenance, thorough cleaning, and even additional renovations.

Whether your bathroom renovations require new stall partitions, vanities, or shower stalls, don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong products that won’t satisfy your needs. No matter what kind of renovations you’re make, read on for Scranton Products’ primer on commercial restroom renovations to learn how you can avoid some costly mistakes. Read more

Where’s the Restroom? How to Set Up Temporary Bathroom Facilities When Your Building Is Under Construction


When your facility is under construction, one of the first things that you need to think about is setting up temporary restrooms for you and your employees to use. While obviously not the same quality as a working indoor restroom, if you set up your temporary facilities in the proper manner, you can avoid as much inconvenience as possible.

If you’re facility is planning to undergo construction, you need to be prepared to set up your temporary facilities properly. Continue reading for some tips from Scranton Products on how to set up temporary facilities when your building is under construction. Read more

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: What Happens When Your Locker Rooms & Bathrooms Can’t Stand the Test of Time?

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What’s the one thing that you don’t look forward to each year in terms of your bathrooms and locker rooms? Maintenance costs.

If you’re a facility manager, you never want to have to repeatedly dip into your budget for pesky repairs and tweaks that only end up reoccurring each year. If you’re noticing this issue, the problem stems from the inability of your bathroom and locker room materials to stand up to the test of time, and we know why.

Scranton Products is familiar with this trend and is dedicated to making sure that your bathroom or locker room is durable and long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about any extra maintenance costs. Continue reading to learn why your bathrooms and locker rooms aren’t standing the test of time, what happens when they can’t, and how you can prevent this problem. Read more

Not All Bathroom Partitions Are Created Equally: The Differences Between Phenolic Core and Plastic (HDPE) Core Partition Materials


All bathroom partition materials are the same, right? It’s just a door and a privacy separator between stalls, so why should you even bother looking into partition materials?

These misguided ideologies about bathroom partitions make for poorly constructed commercial bathrooms and public gyms that are susceptible to many types of damage. In fact, the materials for your bathroom partitions do matter, and Scranton Products is here to show you why.

Two common materials for bathroom partitions are phenolic core and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic core. While they may perform the same function, these materials are very different in their durability and longevity.

Let’s compare the two materials so you can see the differences between phenolic core and HDPE so you can make the right choice for your bathroom. Read more

How HDPE Products Can Make your Commercial Bathroom Partitions Better


Are you tired of continuously having to repair and clean the partitions in your commercial bathroom or gym? Scratches, dents, graffiti, and germs can frequently affect your partitions, requiring more labor and extra costs to keep them in good working order. Fortunately, Scranton Products has a solution to the inadequacy of your current partitions.

Thanks to our HDPE Hiny Hiders, Scranton Products can provide bathrooms with a partition material that can make your life easier. Continue reading to learn more about how HDPE products can make your commercial bathroom partitions better. Read more

How You Can Prevent Bacteria Growth on Bathroom Partitions


When you’re in charge of a public or commercial bathroom, you want to be sure that it remains clean and free of any harmful bacteria. It’s especially important to keep your bathroom partitions clear of any bacteria in order to create a sanitary space for its users.

But with all of the moisture and humidity in bathrooms, how can you prevent harmful bacteria growth, such as mold and mildew, on bathroom partitions?

You can have a clean, presentable, and sanitary bathroom thanks to the help of Scranton Products. Read on to learn how you can prevent bacteria growth on your bathroom partitions. Read more

Get Serious About Health In Your Restrooms


There are many choices when choosing a material for your bathroom partitions. Though you may not be aware of it, many of the materials available for restroom partitions are not solid throughout meaning that the core is made from a particleboard or cardboard core. These cores are subject to mold,mildew and/or rust in a wet environment. Read more

What’s the CORE Problem in Restrooms?


There are many choices when choosing a material for your bathroom partitions. Before making a decision take a closer look at whats inside!

Material Options

The five main material options when choosing a bathroom partition are; Plastic laminate, Phenolic (black core), Stainless Steel, Baked Enamel, and Solid Plastic. All of these material choices vary in cost and have different cost of ownership models. Read more