High Privacy Dividers

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High Privacy & Health Barriers

Made Of Solid HDPE Plastic

An affordable solution to get your office and school washroom ready for everyone’s safer return.
Our solid HDPE high privacy bathroom partitions are sleek and offer increased protection, health and privacy between urinals, sinks and hand dryers. Learn more.

Bathroom Privacy Partitions:
Where Privacy Meets Efficiency

Scranton Products now offers privacy bathroom partitions and larger barriers that can be used for increased protection and privacy between urinals, sinks and hand dryers. Maximize facility capacity while decreasing occupants’ time in the restrooms and supporting safer social distancing. Provide safer protection with a naturally germ-resistant solution and avoid lines inside and outside the restroom or washroom.


  • 83” for Extra Privacy
  • Option Overhead Bracing for Increased Structure
  • Rounded Edges
  • 1” Material
  • Naturally Germ Resistant

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The Superior Benefits of
HDPE Plastic Partitions
& Increased Privacy

  • Decreased Time in Restroom While Increasing Occupancy

  • Supports Social Distancing

  • Naturally Germ Resistant

  • Avoid Lines In & Out of the Restroom

  • Safer Protection

  • Mold, Mildew, & Odor Resistant

Barrier Options

High Privacy Urinal Dividers

Urinal Dividers

High Privacy Urinal Dividers

Sink Dividers

Commercial Sink and Vanity Dividers

Hand Dryer Dividers

Hardware Options

High Privacy and Health Restroom Barriers

Naturally Germ Resistant*

Scranton Products performance plastic bathroom privacy partitions are naturally resistant to common bacteria including MRSA. Testing has shown that after 24 hours, 98.4% of MRSA died off the surface of solid plastic without the use of cleaning solutions or antimicrobial additives. What’s more, Scranton Products partitions are fully power washable and steam cleanable.


Learn How HDPE High Privacy Bathroom Dividers are Eco-Friendly