Tufftec Benches for Locker Rooms

Tufftec locker room benches provide solutions for many industries looking to remodel or design their locker rooms. Our plastic benches are constructed from solid plastic known as HDPE, which is engineered for strength and durability. HDPE benches can withstand the harshest daily use and offer facility managers low maintenance.

Why Faciltity Managers Choose Tufftec Plastic Benches

Tufftec Locker benches are a great compliment to the Tufftec Lockers. Plastic benches are a great way to accommodate your locker users, customers, employees, and students. Scranton’s locker benches are available in the same color offerings as our Tufftec plastic lockers to coordinate with the locker room locker.

  • Durable, Scratch & Grafitti Resistant

  • Resistant to Bacteria, Mold & Mildew

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Sustainable

Tufftec Plastic Bench Material vs. Other Materials

Through a variety of tests, Tufftec HDPE benches have proven to be more durable than the standard metal lockers and benches that most facilities have grown accustomed to.

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Tufftec Plastic Locker Room Benches are Eco-Friendly