Can your Lockers be Durable and Still Look Good?


When it comes to installing new lockers, you have many choices as far as available materials. While metal lockers are believed to durable and reliable, their design lacks visual appeal. And while plastic lockers have a new-age design, people have the misconception that they aren’t as strong as metal lockers. So can lockers be durable and still look good?

Contrary to popular belief, you can have durable and good-looking lockers for your facility by choosing HDPE plastic lockers, such as Scranton Products’ Duralife lockers. Continue reading so you can learn just how Duralife lockers are superior to metal lockers in both looks and durability.

Aesthetic Advantage

The visual appeal of plastic lockers stems from the reduction of protruding elements found on metal lockers. For example, the vents on metal lockers and the handles often extend past the surface. This creates a bulky locker, especially with the addition of a lock on the handle, which can get in the way of passing traffic.

Duralife lockers’ ventilation stays on the same line as the surface.  Plus, the lockers feature built-in combination locks or recessed padlocks, so nothing protrudes from these lockers. This modern design is good looking and eliminates the potential of someone bumping into or scraping against a vent or handle when they walk by it.

Impressive Impact Resistance

While it may seem that metal is the tougher locker material over HDPE plastic, in actuality, Duralife lockers are much less prone to impact damage. This is because Duralife lockers are built from thick ½-inch solid plastic while metal lockers typically are less than 1/16 of an inch. This makes Duralife lockers roughly 59 times more impact resistant which means there’s a decreased chance that they’ll receive dents and abrasions.

Don’t Succumb to Scratches

Scratches on your lockers, even small, light ones, hurt the visual appeal. Ideally, your lockers will be durable enough to withstand the potential of scratches and maintain its aesthetic appeal. With Duralife lockers, this is possible.

While metal lockers will show even the lightest scratches, deep, heavy scratches are very apparent and show the metal surface underneath. This leaves you with lockers that look bad and will need costly repairs.

With Duralife lockers’ color-throughout formula, scratches are less visible, and won’t require paint to cover them up.

Duralife lockers are your answer to finding durable and good-looking lockers. Unlike outdated metal lockers, Duralife lockers have an appealing design and are built to withstand the rigors of a locker room or school hallway. A strong build prevents impact and scratch damage, maintaining the modern design.

Do you need durable and good-looking lockers for your new project? You can see where you can find Scranton Products’ HDPE Duralife lockers nearby here.