How HDPE Products Can Make your Commercial Bathroom Partitions Better


Are you tired of continuously having to repair and clean the partitions in your commercial bathroom or gym? Scratches, dents, graffiti, and germs can frequently affect your partitions, requiring more labor and extra costs to keep them in good working order. Fortunately, Scranton Products has a solution to the inadequacy of your current partitions.

Thanks to our HDPE Hiny Hiders, Scranton Products can provide bathrooms with a partition material that can make your life easier. Continue reading to learn more about how HDPE products can make your commercial bathroom partitions better.

Mold Resistant

Because HDPE is made with solid color plastic throughout, it has a firm and sturdy build designed to hold up against interior mold and mildew growth. The high humidity and moisture levels in bathrooms makes them suitable hosts for mold growth, which can create the need for extensive cleaning or even the need to replace partitions.

Mold growth also can occur because many bathroom partitions contain a kraft paper core or honeycomb cardboard. When these paper materials are exposed to high levels of moisture, mold is a common result.

However, with the installation of HDPE partitions that are impermeable to mold, such as Hiny Hiders from Scranton Products, your commercial bathroom will be free of harmful mold, and you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning or replacing any partitions.


Like mold, there’s a strong possibility that germs and bacteria will affect commercial bathroom partitions, leading to an unsanitary and potentially harmful situation. When there are germs on a partition, they can spread to an individual’s hands when they open or close the door. This fear causes facility managers to constantly test their partitions for harmful germs or bacteria and clean them.

Using HDPE partitions can eliminate the need for frequent testing and cleaning because the material is naturally germ resistant. A test by SiTU Biosciences confirmed that after 24 hours of exposure to an HDPE partition, 98.4% of harmful bacteria died without the use of any cleaning solutions.

Built to Last

Commercial bathroom partitions are subject to rust, paint chipping, and graffiti that can result in the need for thorough cleaning or replacement. That’s partly because non-HDPE partitions don’t have the same durability as HDPE ones. HDPE partitions repel moisture, which helps to combat rust, plus the material is difficult to scratch or chip, so the need for repainting can be eliminated.

Hiny Hiders HDPE partitions are designed to give you a cleaner, more durable, and all around better partition for your commercial bathroom. Making the mistake of choosing another base material will result in a short lifespan for your partitions and much more work to maintain them.

You can learn about where you can find Scranton Products’ HDPE Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions close to your location.

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