Why are my Lockers Growing Mold?


It’s never a good feeling for facility managers when they notice the growth of mold on the inside or outside of their lockers. The result can require time-consuming steps to clean and  remove the mold as well as further inspection to find the root of the problem and  rid the lockers of any further mold.

If you’re a facility manager and you see this unwanted growth, you’re probably wondering to yourself, why are my lockers growing mold?

To help you understand the common problem of mold or mildew in your lockers, read on as Scranton Products dives into the cause of this common issue, its negative consequences, and an easy solution.

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One thing that certainly causes the growth of mold is moisture. It can sometimes be hard to eliminate moisture from your lockers, depending on where they’re situated. If you need lockers in a locker room or pool area, there will undeniably be large amounts of moisture in the air that contribute to mold and mildew growth. Damp areas help mold to produce and grow and create a humid environment, another stimulator for mold growth. Because locker rooms are damp and humid, it’s easy for mold to grow.

Consequences of Mold Growth

When mold is present in an area occupied by humans, we become susceptible to its negative effects. The most common consequence of a moldy area is an allergic reaction. This results in wheezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and rashes, but it really depends on the person who’s exposed to mold. Those who are more sensitive to mold exposure can suffer severe symptoms. Those who are at the highest risk of harmful mold are individuals with asthma since mold is commonly associated with upper respiratory problems.

All in all, if your lockers are growing mold, the people using them can be seriously affected.


If your lockers are in areas where moisture accumulates, how can you prevent mold growth? The answer lies in the material that you choose for your lockers. When you choose solid HDPE plastic as your locker medium, facility managers don’t need to worry about the potential of mold growth.

HDPE is microbial resistant and impermeable to moisture. HDPE is  a non-porous surface that won’t accumulate mold or mildew and is naturally germ resistant which creates a healthy and sanitary locker room environment. Simple cleaning is all that’s needed, and you won’t have to worry about spending more money on extensive mold detection and removal.

It’s tough to prevent mold, but with HDPE Duralife lockers from Scranton Products, you can ensure that your lockers won’t grow mold and will stay healthy and functional for a long time. Don’t let individuals who use your lockers be exposed to the dangers of mold and provide your establishment with a clean and healthy environment.

You can learn more about the beneficial differences of Scranton Products’ HDPE Duralife lockers and find out where you can buy them here.