The Best Methods for Removing Graffiti from Lockers and Bathroom Walls

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In schools or public facilities, bathroom walls and locker rooms are at a high risk of graffiti. While it’s difficult to catch vandalism in the act, one of the best things that a facility manager can do is develop an effective plan for removing the graffiti as quickly as possible once it shows up. But what’s the best method for removing graffiti from lockers and bathroom walls?

Scranton Products is here to give you some quick and easy tips to return your facilities to their pristine state after vandalism. Read on to learn the best methods for removing graffiti from lockers and bathroom walls.

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When you find graffiti on your bathroom partitions, walls, or lockers, you can take a common approach and repaint the vandalized area. This will require you to purchase matching paint and taking the time to paint over the graffiti yourself. Or you can hire someone to do it for you, which will save you some time but not any money.

Pressure Washing

The pressure washing method of removing graffiti consists of blasting away the vandalized area with pressure washing equipment that uses water and a mixture of a solvent, sometimes baking soda. This will require you to apply solvent to the area with graffiti beforehand and then extensively blast the area down.

This approach has known to be effective at removing the graffiti, but there are some consequences that you’ll have to look out for. When you pressure wash your bathroom walls or lockers, there’s the potential for the paint to be damaged or even the material, which will result in even more maintenance costs.

HDPE Plastic Bathroom Partitions and Lockers

While the above methods will work to remove your graffiti, they do so at a cost. Repainting and pressuring washing require significant time for maintenance, cost of equipment and, in the case of pressure washing, can even do more damage to your walls or lockers. But if you select HDPE plastic as the base material for your partitions or lockers, you’ll experience the easiest graffiti removal available.

HDPE material has an associated environmentally friendly cleaning solution specifically designed to remove graffiti. You won’t need any extra added chemicals, painting, or pressure washing. A facility manager just needs to apply the HDPE graffiti cleaner to the surface and then wipe it away. This simple, easy process will save you time and money while keeping your bathroom walls or lockers looking great.

Don’t stress out over graffiti and the effort it will take to remove it from your bathroom walls or lockers. Opt for HDPE partitions and lockers from Scranton Products and experience just how easy it is to combat vandalism and keep your locker rooms or restrooms looking great.

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