Healthcare Gone Green: How Eco-Friendly Buildings Benefit More Than the Environment


An eco-friendly facility or building is something to be proud of. In a day and age where the world needs all hands on deck to conserve as many natural resources as possible, doing your part to be environmentally conscious will not only make you feel great but will help make a difference. However, from a business standpoint, eco-friendly buildings have the opportunity to benefit more than just the environment.

Scranton Products wants all facility owners to continue to make environmentally conscious decisions when remodeling or renovating their buildings, but we also want you to be aware of how you can benefit from this path of material sourcing and usage. Continue reading to learn how eco-friendly buildings benefit more than just the environment.

Sanitary Benefit for Producer and End User

An eco-friendly building is constructed with environmentally friendly materials that are post-consumer based and 100% recyclable. While this contributes to decreasing the amount of industrial waste, it also helps to create sanitary products for facility owners and patrons. When you make an effort to turn your building into an eco-friendly one, you’ll need to use materials that don’t contain vast amounts of chemicals, which benefits you and your users in numerous ways.

The lack of chemicals used in the production of your materials will help to increase the level of air quality inside your facility. In fact, for your building to receive LEED certification, a globally recognized certifier for eco-friendly buildings, your facility must show that it promotes healthy air quality for everyone inside.

Another improvement that eco-friendly buildings will benefit from is the overall health of your patrons who use your facility. Sustainable products tend to be more resistant to germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew. For a facility that needs new materials for its bathrooms or new lockers, this is a significantly important aspect, as it directly pertains to the health of your customers.

Low Maintenance

With an eco-friendly building, you can use materials and products that require low levels of maintenance. All-natural products that resist mold, bacteria, germs, scratches, or dents require fewer repairs, therefore saving you money in the long run. Having an environmentally friendly facility or building that supports our changing environment is important, but having one that will cost you less money over time because of low maintenance will benefit you even more.

There are many beneficial qualities of opting for an eco-friendly building. While you’re doing your part to reduce environmental waste and close the loop of recycling, you can also do your part to create a cleaner and sturdier facility.

The many great qualities of a sustainable building is precisely why Scranton Products works to deliver eco-friendly materials. With our HDPE plastic base, you can use recyclable, durable, and sanitary materials to positively boost your building’s environmental impact.

You can find Scranton Products materials near you to see how you can start supporting our environment.