3 Reasons Why Plastic Partitions Are Superior

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Why Plastic Partitions are Superior

Business owners and facility managers may face serious consequences when they fail to choose the best material available for bathroom partitions, especially when they only consider the privacy aspect of the partitions.

Scranton Products wants your restrooms to have the best partitions available so you can avoid costly maintenance fees due to rust, mold, scratches, or any other problems that you may encounter. Continue reading to learn three reasons why plastic partitions are superior to the leading competition.

1. What Matters Is What’s Inside

Though you can’t see the core of your bathroom partitions, it can play a significant role in determining how long your partitions will last. While HDPE plastic partitions feature a solid plastic core with homogeneous color throughout, most other partitions use paper, particle board or cardboard as their core, which makes them extremely permeable to moisture and susceptible to mold and rot. Once mold begins to form on the core of the partition, you ultimately need to replace your partitions which is a costly process.

2. Proven Strength

While the plastic core of HDPE partitions helps to reduce the potential of mold growth, it also has a strength advantage over other partition materials. The plastic solid core helps to improve the durability and strength of your partitions so they resist dents and abrasions and provide exceptional screw retention. The paper and cardboard core of other partitions is easily damaged due to the weakness of the structure.

When you opt for plastic partitions, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing dilapidated partitions affected by dents or abrasions and hardware will stay fastened much better.

3. Germ ResistanceWhy Plastic Partitions are Superior

Bathrooms are filled with germs, and your partitions are no exception. It’s important that they remain clean and sanitary because your bathrooms will always have people putting their hands on your partitions, thus creating a portal for germs to build and be transferred.

While most partitions are riddled with germs and bacteria, HDPE plastic partitions are naturally germ resistant and the MRSA bacteria naturally dies on the partition surface. Other partition materials will require frequent and extensive cleaning so you can be sure that they’re not carrying harmful germs. HDPE plastic partitions, however, reduce the risk of germs and the cost and annoying task of thorough cleaning to make sure that your bathroom stays sanitary.

There are many advantages to HDPE plastic bathroom partitions over the leading competitors, including those listed above. What you’ll find with an HDPE partition is a privacy barrier that’s built to last and not result in future costs that you don’t want to have to pay. Thanks to the solid core, our HDPE partitions are strong and mold resistant, and they feature a material that naturally rids your surface of germs to enhance your bathroom partitions far beyond your expectations.

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