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Today, we are diving into an exciting and timely topic that has gained momentum on both sides of the Atlantic: European commercial restroom privacy trends making their way to the United States. Privacy has become a fundamental concern, and individuals are seeking enhanced privacy solutions in public spaces. Luckily, Scranton Products is already ahead of this trend and implementing systems for high privacy.   explore the growing demand for increased commercial restroom privacy, the inspiring trends emerging from Europe, and the potential impact on the American landscape. So, let’s embark on this journey and discover the importance of privacy and its transformation in commercial restrooms.

The Growing Demand for Enhanced Commercial Restroom Privacy

The importance of privacy in public restrooms cannot be overstated. Restrooms are spaces where individuals seek solace and privacy, and they deserve to feel comfortable and secure in those moments. Over time, people have become increasingly aware of the need for improved privacy solutions, leading to a rising demand for enhanced commercial restroom privacy.

Inspiring European Commercial Restroom Privacy Trends

Europe has long been at the forefront of innovative design and forward-thinking solutions. When it comes to commercial restroom privacy, European countries have embraced unique approaches that cater to individual comfort. Let’s take a look at some inspiring trends that are gaining popularity across the continent:

  • Fully Enclosed Individual Cubicles: European commercial restrooms are increasingly featuring fully enclosed individual cubicles, providing complete privacy to users. These cubicles offer a sense of personal space, separating users from the public areas.
  • Enhanced Partitions and Doors: European designs often incorporate partitions and doors that minimize visibility, ensuring a private experience. Materials like frosted glass, solid panels, or extended partitions are being employed to create secluded spaces.
  • Privacy-Focused Amenities: European restroom designs place emphasis on incorporating amenities that enhance privacy. These may include soundproofing, ambient noise, or even innovative technology that offers customizable privacy settings.

The Impact on the American Landscape

As the demand for increased commercial restroom privacy continues to surge in the United States, European trends are poised to make their mark. Architects, designers, and restroom facilities management companies are taking note of these trends, and we can expect to witness their influence in American commercial restrooms.

  • Adoption of Fully Enclosed Individual Cubicles: American businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of providing fully enclosed individual cubicles in commercial restrooms. This change will grant users a higher level of privacy and contribute to a more comfortable and inclusive restroom experience. This trend is starting to make its way overseas with Scranton ProductsAria Partitions® and Eclipse Partitions®.
  • Incorporation of Enhanced Partitions and Doors: Architects and designers will likely draw inspiration from European practices, employing robust partitions, doors, and privacy-enhancing materials in their designs. These features will help mitigate privacy concerns and create a welcoming environment for all.
  • Technological Innovations: Europe’s penchant for technology-driven solutions may inspire the integration of smart restroom features in American commercial facilities. Advanced systems that allow users to customize their privacy preferences could revolutionize the restroom experience.

Scranton Products Has Been Leading the Way with High Privacy Systems with European Design

 HDPE plastic is an excellent material that you can use for partitions in your facility’s restroom. Not only is this material durable and impact resistant, but it can withstand the moisture and humidity that’s prevalent in bathrooms, which leads to mold growth and the spread of bacteria*. These sustainable and recyclable partitions can offer a long serviceable life and require little maintenance when following Scranton Products care and maintenance instructions. Scranton Products partitions are made of recycled material and by not requiring it to be repainted, you won’t degrade the air quality by introducing harmful emissions from chemical paint. Not only are these benefits offered, but HDPE toilet partitions brands by Scranton Products offer increased privacy options that bring European design inspirations into your commercial restroom. Last but not least, Scranton Products partitions have a limited warranty for up to 25 years thanks to their impact resistance and ease of maintenance by being easily power-washable and steam cleanable. To learn more about our industry leading warranty policy, go here:

Hiny Hiders® Partitions

Scranton Products Hiders® Partitions are a modern take on the classic stall design, that offer increased privacy for your next commercial restroom project with the addition of continuous strikes or adding shiplap to the door edge and offer extended height as compared to traditional restroom partitions. This system’s doors can feature an optional shiplap cut edge or use a continuous strike that can ensure that the gap between the door and the frame is decreased. Increased height options for both the doors and pilasters, as well as privacy hardware such as continuous hinges, are another way to offer a greater degree of privacy for the facility’s occupants. This system is also a great option when your commercial restroom project requires different configurations, such as: floor-to-ceiling, floor-mounted-overhead-braced, and ceiling hung.

Eclipse Partitions®

Scranton Products Eclipse Partitions® offer a sleek and contemporary design that uses hidden hardware and handles with occupancy indicators that increase the privacy of the commercial bathroom experience. Eclipse Partitions come in a variety of height options for you to choose the level of privacy you need, including the 55-inch Standard, the 62-inch High, and the 72-inch Extra High. Select from an array of contemporary and fresh, vibrant colors and textures for your next restroom project only found at Scranton Products. These multi-stall commercial restroom partitions bring an upscale, European design to your next division 10 project.

Aria Partitions®

Scranton Products Aria Partitions® offer higher privacy by reducing sightlines, as well as floor and ceiling gaps to deliver a comfortable and secure experience. These fully enclosed toilet partitions and cubicles can be customized to fit any design pattern or space in your facility.  Aria Partitions shoeless system gives you enhanced aesthetics, clean lines, and ease of maintenance due to fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to collect.  Because the Aria Partition system is made of HDPE, it is impermeable to moisture, low-maintenance and helps to minimize bacteria growth.

Improving the privacy in your facility’s restroom is important for providing a safe, comfortable, and secure atmosphere to the occupants.

Embracing European Trends in The United States

The demand for enhanced commercial restroom privacy is an encouraging sign of progress in society. As European trends make their way to the United States, we can look forward to a future where individuals feel more comfortable and respected in public restrooms. By embracing the inspiring practices from across the Atlantic, American businesses and facilities can create environments that prioritize privacy, ensuring a positive experience for everyone. Let us eagerly anticipate the transformation and celebrate the changing landscape of commercial restroom privacy in the United States!