Using Products with Purpose in the Dallas School System Redesign

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Next Gen Partitions - White Scranton Products provides bathroom partitions, lockers, showers and dressing compartments and vanities for facilities looking for visually appealing, durable, long-lasting, sustainable products. They provide the best products in the industry, utilizing High Density Polyethylene plastic, or HDPE, for high performance that offers improvements to a facility’s air quality and reduces environmental impact. When the Dallas school system was in need of a redesign in 2008, the citizens approved a $1.35 billion bond program to reshape the school district through 61 different products. Dated facilities were replaced with state of the art environments including elementary, middle and high schools across the city.

Scranton Products Used in Redesign

Among the many products selected specifically to meet the needs of the Dallas school system was the broad-based installation of bathroom partitions from Scranton Products, (This sentence doesn’t make any sense which according to were among the products preferred by Dallas ISD’s maintenance department. Available in an assortment of colors and styles, Dallas’ partition of choice was Hiny Hiders Paisley Color with a EX Texture, a black bespectacled with white dots with a ridged texture. In addition to their appealing look and feel, the Scranton Products partitions also met numerous other criteria cited by the city for its new school bathrooms. This included absorbing all the forms of punishment that thousands of students, teachers and parents could deliver every day for the foreseeable future. These benefits include the ability to never rust or delaminate as well as resist dents, scratches, graffiti, corrosion, mildew and moisture. They are also fully power-washable and can be firmly installed in three configurations; floor mounted overhead-braced, ceiling-hung or floor-to-ceiling.


The Preferred Choice

Scranton Products were a top choice for the redesign of Dallas’ school system. Architect Jason Mellard commented on the choice to selected Scranton Products. “Durability was certainly an important consideration when we planned this project. It really must be able to stand up to just about anything, while constantly dealing with relentless wear and tear. That’s why the Scranton Products’ partitions were chosen by the district for installation throughout the school system. They are exceptionally tough and with the proper support are virtually impossible to rip from the floors. Plus, they just look nice. Their black finish with textured dots provided an attractive complement to our overall design and color scheme.”


Products for a Sustainable Environment

Scranton Products are created with HDPE plastic, which allows facilities to support a healthier environment. These products reduce environmental impact and offer improvements to the indoor air quality of your facility. They’re also Greenguard Gold certified, a certification that offers strict criteria and considers safety factors that account for sensitive people such as children and the elderly. If you’re interested in reducing your footprint and creating a healthy environment with clean air, click here to find out where to buy Scranton Products.