Scranton Products Welcomes Chris Schweighardt to the Team

Scranton Products is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Schweighardt to the Scranton Products team as a Locker Specialist. In this capacity, Chris will be responsible for generating awareness, creating demand and driving specifications for increased sales of Scranton Products brands. He will focus on Duralife locker sales in the education market via end users and architects, along with building demand for bathroom partitions and lockers.
Chris comes to Scranton Products from Pearson in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey where he served as an Account Executive.

Scranton Products Welcomes Renco Sales, Inc., of California To Canvas Western Markets

Scranton, PA, –  Scranton Products, a leading manufacturer of  HDPE restroom partitions and lockers, announced today that Renco Sales will be joining their sales efforts in Southern California , Southern Nevada (Clark County) and the state of Arizona.

Headquartered in Corona, CA, Renco Sales has been representing manufacturers as a driving force in commercial design amenities for more than 40 years.

According   to Don Wharton, President of Scranton Products, Renco Sales is a great fit for the company’s line high quality lines of partitions and lockers based on their solid track record in the western states.  “Renco Sales shares our vision of the role these products play in design and architectural excellence,” said Wharton, “we are very excited to have them on board as a sales partner.”

“Scranton Products brings a whole new level of products, service, reputation and management to our markets,” said Brian Fitzpatrick, President, Renco Sales Inc.  “We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Scranton Products and our Division 10 customers.”

For more information about Scranton Products, visit  To learn more about Renco Sales Inc., visit


Scranton, PA – It can seem like a jungle in school hallways, with kids slamming, swinging and sounding like a herd of elephants- releasing all that pent up energy on their poor lockers! Welcome to the jungle says Scranton Products, as they introduce Duralife® Lockers, the only line of solid HDPE school lockers that are fully fire-rated (compliant with NFPA 286) as well as being GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM for improved indoor air quality. With extensive advantages over metal lockers, Duralife features the strength and durability to stand up to the bombardment of everyday school use with low maintenance at a comparable cost. Duralife Locker doors also feature a quieter close, reducing noise levels by three times that of metal lockers. A new Duralife video detailing the advantages is available at

“Duralife Lockers, made with HDPE, are a stylish, economical alternative to metal,” said Don Wharton, President of Scranton Products. “With the multitude of durable, easy care features, the payback is realized in just a few short years.”

American-made Duralife Lockers are available in several design options and15 beautiful colors, with a color-throughout formula that resists scratching. Custom color options are also available. With a 6-point latch mechanism and full length anodized steel hinges for exceptional strength, Duralife Lockers are impact and dent resistant. In fact, in ASTM impact testing, they were shown to have 59 times the impact resistance of metal. They will not rust, corrode or delaminate and are covered by a full 15-year warranty.

HDPE is naturally resistant to bacteria, odors, mold and mildew and the non-porous surface is very easy to clean. Graffiti wipes off easily with most non-abrasive cleaners and stickers and contact paper are easily removed. The lockers can also be power washed and steam cleaned without the worry of rust.

In addition to meeting GREENGUARD Children & Schools air quality standards, Duralife Lockers also contribute to a project’s LEED certification. They are made with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. And, since they do not require painting, there are no VOCs.

Duralife Lockers perform far beyond metal and will stand up to the stampede!


Scranton, PA – To support the launch of their new Duralife® HDPE corridor lockers, Scranton Products is releasing a new video that details all of the features and advantages they offer. It explains in depth how Duralife lockers are built for the long haul. They are the only HDPE lockers to be fully fire-rated (compliant with NFPA 286). In the school environment, which can seem like a jungle, Duralife® Lockers feature durability, ease of maintenance and security. The video will be available at or on the Scranton Products website in the Marketing Section at

In addition to being fire-rated, Duralife Lockers are also GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM for improved indoor air quality. The lockers stand up to everyday punishment, resisting dents and graffiti and HDPE is naturally resistant to bacteria, odors, mold and mildew. The surface is easy to clean and can be powerwashed or steam cleaned. Covered by a full 15-year warranty, they will not rust, corrode or delaminate.

American-made Duralife Lockers are available in several design options and15 beautiful colors, with a color-throughout formula that resists scratching. Custom color options are also available. With a 6-point latch mechanism and full length anodized steel hinges for exceptional strength and security.

Duralife Lockers also contribute to a project’s LEED certification. They are made with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. And, since they do not require painting, there are no VOCs.

Scranton Products Introduces Easy to Navigate, Color-Rich Web Site

Scranton, PA – Scranton Products, a leading manufacturer of bathroom partitions and lockers, has unveiled a new Web site at designed to be user-friendly for any professional who is looking to specify, design or purchase a bathroom partition or locker system. For busy professionals on the move, the site has been upgraded to be mobile and iPad compatible.

From the home page, Hiny Hiders® and Resistall™ partitions and Tufftec® locker product lines can be quickly accessed according to looks, applications and price points. Most of the relevant product information can be obtained with only two or three clicks of the mouse. Navigating around the site is easy, because the category headings stay on each page.

Scranton Products’ Web site experience is made easier with an enhanced Color Visualizer, which allows the company’s vast array of colors and textures to be instantly applied to an actual room set-up. “We have made this new site very functional and convenient, but also focused on aesthetics,” said Don Wharton, President. “Being able to accurately visualize colors and textures is very important in selecting these products.”

Under the Marketing heading, additional elements that make the new Web site fast and easy include the use of photos fed by Flickr and informational videos using YouTube. There is no download time with these features. Brochures can easily be downloaded as PDF files and a trade show schedule lets you know where the company is exhibiting.

“This site is specifically designed for the end-user,” said Wharton. As examples he mentions: architects can easily access specs, BIM and ARCAT® information; designers can find a spectrum of colors and textures and utilize the Color Visualizer; and facility managers can investigate products that match their budget and functional needs. For smaller independent bars and cafes, there are economical solutions that offer great looks. A convenient Dealer Locator also directs customers on where to buy their selections. “In addition, dealers can log into their own customer information zone, making it easy for them to do business with us,” said Wharton.


Resistall Partitions are made of HPDE plastic and are the perfect replacement for metal in tough environments like bars, clubs, diners, cafés and more. Resistall partitions are as tough as they are affordable and easy to install. Unlike metal, phenolic, stainless steel and other materials, they are highly resistant to dents, rust, scratches, odor, corrosion, impact and mildew.

For the establishment’s owner or property manager, Resistall saves on costly maintenance, with no need for painting or frequent repair and replacement.

Scranton Products, the nation’s leading manufacturer of plastic partitions for more than 25 years, designed Resistall to be impermeable to moisture, which can be a bathroom partition’s worst enemy, creating rust, mildew and a breeding ground for bacteria.

“In commercial applications where bathroom stalls take abuse, Resistall is the best value,” said Matt Keisling,Director of Sales, Scranton Products. “It stands up to attempted vandalism and rough handling with durable good looks,” he added. “Withstanding the test of time, Resistall can handle whatever patrons dish out.”

Made in the USA, Resistall partitions have gone head to head with metal in the most punishing lab tests-withstanding impacts of up to 500 lbs. from sledge hammers and scratches from razor knives. Resistall came through unmarred, whereas competitive materials suffered damage. And, Resistall’s unmatched 5-year warranty covers breakage, corrosion and delamination under normal conditions. The Resistall color selection includes Black, Grey, Beige and Linen.

Like all products produced by Scranton Products, Resistall is part of the company’s recycling program, which is committed to reducing industrial waste. All scrap and cut pieces are reclaimed and go back into the production of new HDPE sheets and contribute to LEED points.

Check out the Resistall videos that show time-elapsed, quick installation and lab tests or locate a supplier near you at Or, for more information, call 1 -800-445-5148.


The ARCAT site includes links to thousands of Web Sites, CSI specifications, BIM families, CAD Details, spec wizards and more. Scranton Products is the leading manufacturer of solid plastic bathroom partitions under the Hiny Hiders® brand as well as Tufftec® lockers. In a variety of colors and textures, the products will not rust, dent or delaminate and are extremely easy to design and work with.

“BIM Objects are fast becoming the preferred design tools for today’s building designers” said Gil Garcia, Scranton Products. “We’re pleased to offer this design enhancement to specifiers of our bathroom partitions, lockers and other amenities.”

With the enhanced features and functionality of BIM Objects, these programs are rapidly replacing CAD for speed, design freedom and realism. BIM utilizes manufacturer-specific objects, in this case the bathroom partitions, shower and dressing stalls, vanities and lockers, to simulate real-world characteristics and specifications as they would exist within a building. It also includes essential product information, such as sizes, colors and textures. Because BIM Objects creates more life-like imaging and is easy to use, design and construction times are greatly reduced.

Building designers can access theBIM Objects program on the ARCAT site at http://www.arcat.comand type in Scranton Products in the search box. It is also available through direct link on Scranton Products Web Site at