Scranton Products Kicks Off the “Duralife Unlocker Challenge” Video Competition Open to Schools Nationally to Win Lockers and Scholarships

Scranton Products, a leading manufacturer of school hallway and gym lockers, has launched “The Duralife Unlocker Challenge,” a national video competition open to high school and middle school students. The challenge gives students and their budget-strapped schools a chance to win up to $80,000 in exceptional quality Duralife hallway lockers as well as college scholarships. The program runs from January to March 2016, with details on how to submit the video at

Beyond beautifying and upgrading their schools and providing funds for college, the competition has another lofty goal: students are asked to explore the theme of inclusivity in their original videos. Using the theme “Through the Locker Door,” the videos ask why inclusivity is important to a more positive school environment and how it applies later in life.

“We know the issues facing schools today,” said David Casal, Director of Sales Administration, Scranton Products. “The goal is to empower students to think inclusively, and help unlock their potential for collaboration, creativity and social interaction.”

In addition to creating an enriching team building experience for students, the Duralife Unlocker Challenge video competition provides schools with the opportunity to win free lockers and scholarships in three prize levels, including:
•1st Prize: $50,000 worth of lockers and $7,500 in scholarships
•2nd Prize: $10,000 worth of lockers and $5,000 in scholarships
•3rd Prize: $5,000 worth of lockers and $2,500 in scholarships

In January, student teams are encouraged to work with a teacher/adviser to begin planning and producing the video. The video file and required release forms can then be uploaded to the contest video submission page. Once the video is posted, the general public, including students, friends, family, and the school community can vote on the videos, which are then narrowed down to three finalists.

“We are committed to education and know that lockers are very personalized spaces for students,” adds Casal. “We are thrilled to be able to contribute Duralife lockers and scholarship funds to the winners, as well as help spread the inclusivity message throughout schools nationwide.”