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Scranton Products is your source for durable, sustainable, and impact-resistant bathroom stalls, lockers, shower stalls, vanities, and more for your school, gym, or business
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Dealer Locator

This is an interactive map that shows you the closest location that you can purchase our HDPE plastic building materials. Simply set the radius and category, and you’re on your way to finding the closest business that carries Scranton Products HDPE (high-density polyethylene) materials.

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BIM Objects


Here are a few resources on our Computer-Aided Designs and Building Information Modeling that show you the detailed designs and instructions on how to install our products. Using these guides, installing your HDPE stalls, partitions, or lockers will be a quick and easy endeavor.

Architectural Binder

Download our comprehensive architectural binder that provides detailed product information, drawings, case studies, specifications and more!


Our Architectural Binder is loaded with helpful information about our HDPE products. It goes over everything from our warranty, care and maintenance, and product specifications. This binder even has case studies of people who’ve implemented HDPE into their facilities with fantastic results. Think of it as the HDPE bible.


Here are a few helpful brochures of our products so you can learn more and determine which of these materials is perfect for your facility. These brochures provide in-depth descriptions and directions regarding the HDPE products that’ll help you understand the benefits of choosing HDPE over other materials.

Eclipse Partition Brochure
Resistall Partition Brochure
Comprehensive Partition Brochure
Comprehensive Locker Brochure
Cost of Ownership Brochure

Care & Maintenance

While Scranton Products HDPE lockers and partitions are some of the most low-maintenance materials out there, there’s some general upkeep to help you get the most out of these products. This informative guide goes over the best practices when it comes to any issue that your partitions will face. It even features ingredients for effective cleaning materials that’ll help make your lockers and partitions shine.

Color Charts

When you’re choosing your lockers or partitions, you may have a specific color in mind. Each of our HDPE products comes in a variety of homogenous colors that you can choose from. You can even pick your preferred texture or mosaic that you think would be a great fit in your facility.


Eclipse & Hiny Hider Partitions

Resistall Partitions

Tufftec Lockers

Duralife Lockers

Shower & Dressing Compartments

Competitive Marketing Brochures

Want to learn what makes HDPE special? These brochures show you the differences between popular building materials and HDPE. You’ll learn all about the many advantages that HDPE has over others in the market.


Partition Material Difference Brochure

HDPE vs Phenolic vs SCRC Brochure

Duralife vs Metal Comparison Brochure

Greenguard Certifications

  Hiny Hiders     Resistall Partitions     Tufftec Lockers     Duralife Lockers  

Installation Videos

Duralife Lockers



SPEC Rewards Program

SPEC, the Scranton Products Education Corps, is a rewards and education program for designers and architects that specify Scranton Products in their current or upcoming projects. When you enroll in SPEC, you’ll be the first to get product updates, news, and even opportunities to win prizes through contests that are only applicable to other SPEC members.


Membership benefits include: "First to know" product updates & news, opportunity to win prizes in members only contests and much, much more!