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Architectural Binder

Download our comprehensive architectural binder that provides detailed product information, drawings, case studies, specifications and more!  

Care & Maintenance

Scranton Products lockers and partitions come closer to being totally maintenance free than any other materials on the market today. However, like a freshly painted room, new automobile, or any other product that is exposed to use and atmospheric conditions, the compartments will require regular cleaning for optimal aesthetic value.

Greenguard Certifications

  Hiny Hiders     Resistall Partitions     Tufftec Lockers     Duralife Lockers  

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Duralife Lockers



SPEC Rewards Program

The Scranton Products Education Corps is an education & rewards program open to all architects and designers that spec Scranton Products in their projects. Membership benefits include: "First to know" product updates & news, opportunity to win prizes in members only contests and much, much more! ENROLL TODAY!