Can your Lockers be Durable and Still Look Good?


When it comes to installing new lockers, you have many choices as far as available materials. While metal lockers are believed to durable and reliable, their design lacks visual appeal. And while plastic lockers have a new-age design, people have the misconception that they aren’t as strong as metal lockers. So can lockers be durable and still look good?

Contrary to popular belief, you can have durable and good-looking lockers for your facility by choosing HDPE plastic lockers, such as Scranton Products’ Duralife lockers. Continue reading so you can learn just how Duralife lockers are superior to metal lockers in both looks and durability. Read more

Why are my Lockers Growing Mold?


It’s never a good feeling for facility managers when they notice the growth of mold on the inside or outside of their lockers. The result can require time-consuming steps to clean and  remove the mold as well as further inspection to find the root of the problem and  rid the lockers of any further mold.

If you’re a facility manager and you see this unwanted growth, you’re probably wondering to yourself, why are my lockers growing mold?

To help you understand the common problem of mold or mildew in your lockers, read on as Scranton Products dives into the cause of this common issue, its negative consequences, and an easy solution. Read more

Truly Sustainable Designs

In essence of the Greenbuild International Expo this week in New Orleans we feel that discussing sustainable material options for your restroom and locker room products are very important.

When you choose Scranton Products Hiny Hider Partitions, Resistall Partitions, Tufftec Lockers or Duralife Lockers you are supporting a healthier environment. Our products reduce industrial waste by using a blend of virgin and pre-consumer recycled content to produce a high quality product that is 100% recyclable. Read more

Get Serious About Health In Your Restrooms


There are many choices when choosing a material for your bathroom partitions. Though you may not be aware of it, many of the materials available for restroom partitions are not solid throughout meaning that the core is made from a particleboard or cardboard core. These cores are subject to mold,mildew and/or rust in a wet environment. Read more

Tired of Feeling Blue; Bright Colors Enliven Commercial Spaces

Beiges and dull blues are a thing of the past.  Interior designers are incorporating a richer color palette in commercial spaces these days.  Brightly colored accent walls, carpeting, and furniture add vitality to any commercial space including corporate offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, and restaurants.  In 2014, look for teal, chartreuse, violet and fuchsia to appear in textile fabrics, carpet tiles, accent furniture and more. Read more

What’s the CORE Problem in Restrooms?


There are many choices when choosing a material for your bathroom partitions. Before making a decision take a closer look at whats inside!

Material Options

The five main material options when choosing a bathroom partition are; Plastic laminate, Phenolic (black core), Stainless Steel, Baked Enamel, and Solid Plastic. All of these material choices vary in cost and have different cost of ownership models. Read more