3 Reasons Why Every Manufacturer You Contract Should Have GREENGUARD Certification

3 Reasons Why Every Manufacturer You Contract Should Have GREENGUARD Certification

When you’re looking for new materials for a commercial restroom or locker room renovation, you want to be sure that you choose a manufacturer that provides the highest-quality products. In terms of sustainable and healthy materials, you can be sure that you’re receiving the safest products if they’re GREENGUARD certified.

To help you make the right choice for your new restroom or locker room materials, Scranton Products is here to break down the benefits of a GREENGUARD-certified product. Continue reading for three reasons why every manufacturer you contract should have GREENGUARD certification.

1. Chemical Emissions Test

A GREENGUARD certification test ensures that the manufacturer you choose for your new restroom or locker room materials isn’t chemically harmful. Part of the GREENGUARD testing procedure consists of making sure that the products and the building materials are free of volatile compounds, formaldehyde, ozone, and phthalates, all of which are catalysts for serious health impacts.

As a facility manager, you want to be certain that your restroom or locker room patrons will be safe and free of any disease when they use your facility. If you choose products from a GREENGUARD-certified manufacturer, you can have confidence in your choice.

On the other hand, if your manufacturer isn’t GREENGUARD certified, you’re putting a number of individuals at risk.

2. Microbial Resistant Test

When you choose a manufacturer whose products have been GREENGUARD certified, you make a consciously healthy decision since the certification credits the product as microbial resistant. This sanitary aspect of the certification means that your bathroom and locker room products won’t grow mold, mildew, or harmful bacteria that could spread sickness to the people who use the facility.

If you choose a product without GREENGUARD certification, you run the risk of your materials accumulating bacteria that could harm your patrons and result in significant maintenance costs.

3. Children and School Certified

With the backing of a GREENGUARD certification, you can be certain that the products from your manufacturer are safe for children and schools. Indoor and outdoor air quality needs to be at the highest level to ensure that our kids are unharmed.

The GREENGUARD certification tests materials under strict criteria to make sure that products intended for environments where kids will spend significant amounts of time, such as school, are free of any harmful materials. The GREENGUARD certification’s emphasis on our younger population is just another reason why you need to make sure a manufacturer’s products meet the criteria.

When thinking about new materials and products for your commercial bathroom or locker room, make sure that they’re GREENGUARD certified. When you choose GREENGUARD-certified materials, you make health and cleanliness a priority in your facility, which are two aspects that your patrons will be sure to appreciate.

You can learn where you can find GREENGUARD-certified Scranton Products materials and make an environmentally friendly decision during your next round of renovations.

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