It’s Made from What? Common Products You Didn’t Know Were Made from Recycled Material

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Seeking companies that make the effort to produce products from recycled materials helps to support a production method that benefits the environment. When you choose recycled materials, you help to reduce the growing amount of waste created. When you’re finished with these products, they can be recycled again.

Choosing recycled products will help you feel good about your impact on the environment around you. So to increase your awareness of the recycled products available to you, read on to find a number of common products that you may not have known are made from recycled material.


Furniture innovators have found that they can build chairs, sofas, and other pieces from recycled wood and other materials. While maintaining elegant and homey designs, recycled furniture materials such as timber, plastic, or steel minimally impact wood resources. Instead of cutting down more trees to produce these pieces, recycled wood helps to reduce the amount of effort needed to make furniture and preserves resources that benefit our environment. You can still find beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture when choosing recycled wood or other materials.

Paper Publications

Many paper publications, such as newspapers and magazines, make an effort to use recycled paper. Doing so helps to reduce the amount of reliability these corporations have on paper printing, which is a harmful process in regards to the environment around us.

While it’s great that many publications have made an effort to reuse paper materials, a lot of the responsibility to be environmentally friendly falls on the consumer to continue the recycling process and make sure that, after they read the publication, they recycle it. Without recycled paper, publications will have to resort to cutting down more trees to produce more paper.

Facility Materials

When renovating or remodeling your facility, selecting materials that are not only built from recycled products but are also recyclable themselves helps to close the recycling loop. For example, if you’re looking for restroom materials, you should ask about how the materials were produced and how you can dispose of them. For instance, are the bathroom partitions you’re selecting made from pre-consumer recycled content? Are the lockers for your locker room 100% recyclable to help reduce industrial waste?

Today, we see more and more products being produced using recycled materials and that are recyclable to help preserve environmental resources and reduce our level of waste. That’s why it’s important to take note of the products you buy and how environmentally friendly they actually are.

At Scranton Products, we’re proud to produce 100% recyclable facility products made from recycled materials. We do our part to provide you with a high-quality product but also to create an environmentally friendly product that helps the world around us.

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