The Best Lockers for Pool Areas

Tufftec Recreational Lockers

The lockers in pool locker rooms need to hold up in this high-moisture and high-humidity environment. So your patrons have a clean, sanitary locker room environment at your facility, your pool locker room needs to be equipped with the best possible lockers. So which ones should you choose?

Scranton Products provides Tufftec Lockers that are designed to withstand the moisture and humidity common in pool environments. Continue to reading to learn why Tufftec lockers are the best lockers for pool areas.

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Mold Resistant

Tufftec lockers are made of plastic instead of the common choice of metal, helping them to be impermeable to moisture. This is crucial since pool locker rooms experience a copious amount of moisture every day. When a lot of moisture is paired with humidity, mold and mildew begin to grow, which causes an unsanitary environment for locker room users and deteriorates the locker material.

Since other lockers aren’t mold resistant, they require constant care and attention to ensure that they aren’t negatively affected. But if you choose Tufftec lockers from Scranton Products, the HDPE material won’t accumulate mold, and you’ll have a much more sanitary environment.

Never Rust

Just like mold, the moisture from a pool locker room can cause rust over time. Water from showers or pools can accumulate around the bottom of the lockers or inside them, such as when people hang up wet bathing suits and towels and water drips from them.

With metal lockers, this makes rust and corrosion occur more easily. But the HDPE material used to build Scranton Products’ Tufftec lockers will never rust or corrode, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them.

Lack of Maintenance Requirements

These two crucial aspects of Tufftec lockers lead to fewer maintenance requirements than other lockers would require in a pool-centered area. But you’ll find that the plastic material won’t show scratches and won’t need to be repainted, as the color is designed to hold up.

These lasting values are why you’ll find a 25-year warranty on our Tufftec lockers. These warranties help to reaffirm that your new pool lockers will last and you can stay confident knowing that you’ll save money over time due to the lack of maintenance requirements that would be needed with a different locker material.

A pool area is tricky for lockers because of the moisture and humidity. But if you select Tufftec lockers from Scranton Products, you’ll find yourself with a setup of lockers that won’t rust, corrode, grow mold, or chip, helping you to have sanitary, visually appealing lockers for decades to come.

Find out where you can get Tufftec lockers from Scranton Products so you can have the best lockers for your pool area.

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