Why Design Matters in Your Facility Restrooms (Even When You Aren’t a Designer)

why design matters even when you're not a designer blog

You’re probably thinking that a restroom doesn’t need to be the most lavish part of your new facility. However, bathroom décor makes a difference in several different ways, and you don’t even have to be a designer to see how.

Facility restroom design incorporates a plan for the layout of your vanities, partitions, and other aspects of a bathroom, but design also requires material selection. And while some materials may look pleasing to the eyes of an interior designer, the design may have underlying costs that you should avoid. Read on to learn why your facility restroom design matters, even if you aren’t a designer.

Solid Color Throughout

A designer will be adamant about choosing a color and pattern that’s cohesive and matches the other tones of your facility. This is important, but you want to be sure that the material you select for your design is one with a solid color throughout so your bathroom design will continue to look good and stand up to wear and tear.

HDPE plastic bathroom materials such as partitions and vanities are built with a solid color throughout, which helps to retain the color you choose for them. While other design materials will have a paint coating on them that will chip off over time, HDPE materials don’t.

Damage Resistant

Once you have your perfect design for your facility restroom, you want to do everything possible to make sure that your design stays intact. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do about scratches, dents, or graffiti. It’s impossible to monitor your facility’s bathroom at all times, so when you’re designing the bathroom, you need to be sure that your design incorporates natural combatants to potential damage.

Again, this is where HDPE plastic is the best option for your design. While its solid color looks great, it’s also moisture and abrasion resistant to help maintain its design and not succumb to dilapidation and design-ruining damage.

And when it comes to graffiti, a common factor that significantly reduces the appeal of the design you choose, HDPE’s associated cleaning products are specifically designed to allow you to remove graffiti quickly and easily.

The design of your facility’s bathroom matters because you want your guests to feel comfortable when they enter and exit. But while selecting the right initial design is important, it’s just as important to maintain the design aesthetic that you’ve selected for as long as possible.

Even if you aren’t a designer, you should still pay attention to the types of materials you choose. If you want your design color to last, not require painting, and be durable enough the resist scratches and other abrasions, you need to think about HDPE plastic for your facility’s restroom.

If you’re looking for a great design for your new facility bathroom, learn where you can find HDPE bathroom materials near you.

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