How One High School Won an Excellence in Construction Award with HDPE Lockers

Ocean City High School Installs Duralife Lockers

An Excellence in Construction Award can go a long way for a high school. It shows that you truly care about the quality of your high school and want to provide your students with the best materials for the most comfortable learning experience possible.

Ocean City High School in Ocean City, NJ, earned an Excellence in Construction Award for a unique reason that should be noted by facility managers and supervisors in high schools across the country. The school’s HDPE plastic lockers were a driving force that led to the award.

Continue reading to learn more about the impact that HDPE plastic lockers can have on issues that high schools encounter.

High-Cost Maintenance

For Ocean City High School, investing in lockers that would reduce the need for and cost of future maintenance was of the utmost importance. One of the major issues they were encountering was corrosion, seeing that the high school is just a few miles from the shore. In the past, the high moisture and salt content in the air was entering the building and causing rust and corrosion on their metal lockers.


Graffiti removal also was an issue at Ocean City High School. In the past, removing graffiti was a time-consuming and costly task that sometimes resulted in the need for all new locker parts. Scratches and dents were another issue that decreased the visual appeal of the school’s interior.

Combined, these three issues were negatively affecting Ocean City High School, and the school needed a solution when shopping for and installing new lockers.

Solution in HDPE Plastic Duralife Lockers

To combat the issues that Ocean City High School was experiencing with their metal lockers, they decided to take advantage of the more durable choice of HDPE plastic from Scranton Products.

During the seven years that the HDPE plastic lockers have been installed, there have been significant improvements. Ocean City High School hasn’t experienced any locker break-ins, no required maintenance because of broken parts, and no noticeable signs of scratching.

Thanks to the HDPE plastic material and easy-apply associated cleaner, graffiti removal has been significantly easier, saving time and money because there’s no need to repaint lockers.

All in all, the switch from metal lockers to HDPE plastic lockers has benefitted Ocean City High School in numerous ways, including recognition as a high school that strives for excellence in construction.

The Excellence in Construction Award can go a long for a high school that wants to create an aesthetically pleasing architectural design that will hold up and look great over time without the need for maintenance. Ocean City High School was able to do just that thanks to the implementation of HDPE plastic Duralife lockers from Scranton Products.