Duralife Lockers at Ocean City High School

Ocean City, NJ

A Winning Combination for Education

Located near the Atlantic coastline in Ocean City, NJ, Ocean City High School wanted to avoid all of the maintenance issues associates with corrosion when building their new school. In the seven years since the lockers were installed, there have been no reports of locker break-ins, no doors have required replacements, there has been no noticeable scratching, and graffiti can be quickly and easily wiped off.

“Maintaining metal lockers was a nightmare,” said Robert Gannon, the school’s director of facilities. “With plastic lockers, we cut our maintenance time from three to four weeks down to just two to three days and cleaning graffiti from days to minutes. I couldn’t be happier.”

Scranton Products’ premium brands have led the HDPE plastic market, setting new benchmarks for the industry for quality and innovation. Together, the brands of Scranton Products offer the most comprehensive and trusted line of products in the industry. Scranton Products boasts more than 28 years of experience in designing products such as lockers, bathroom partitions, shower stalls, and dressing compartments.

In comparison to other locker options for hallway corridors, Duralife Lockers have shown to be the most durable, low-maintenance choice in the industry. These inventive options are designed to be worry-free and are built to last. Duralife Lockers have proven to withstand the test of time, especially with school-age children.

Duralife Case Study

The Challenge

Ocean City High School needed lockers that would withstand constant abuse and resist graffiti. Not only that, but the school’s close proximity to the ocean made rust and corrosion a serious issue.

The Solution
School administrators chose Duralife Lockers made from HDPE plastic. These powerful lockers not only resist rust, dents, and graffiti, but they’re also quieter than traditional metal lockers, helping to provide an improved learning environment for students.