Buddy Holly Hall Exterior

Reimagining the High Plains of Texas at the Buddy Holly Center with Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders® Partitions

Lubbock, Texas

Recognized as “The Hub” of the South Plains, Lubbock, Texas has stood at the center of the state’s economic, agricultural and technological development for more than 100 years. Already home to Texas Tech University and a thriving health care industry, Lubbock entered its next growth phase in the mid-1990s when it unveiled an ambitious redevelopment program to expand the region’s quality of life through capital investment and the creation of high-quality jobs.

The next step of this aggressive plan was realized in January 2021 with the grand opening of The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences, a world-class, $158 million performing arts theater in the heart of downtown Lubbock’s thriving arts district. Named for legendary singer-songwriter Buddy Holly and almost completely privately funded by LEPPA, the performing arts campus is now the home to a 2,200-seat main theater, 420 seat studio theater, 6,000 square foot multi-purpose room, bistro café, Ballet Lubbock and the Lubbock Independent School District’s (LISD) fine arts program. 

“The City of Lubbock wanted a premier venue that attracted great acts and talent,” said Amber Richardson, head of interiors at MWM Architects, Inc. in Lubbock. “Five hours from Dallas, Lubbock’s goal is to become the region’s premier venue for spectacular entertainment, while revitalizing the district with new business and bolstering the area’s shops, restaurants and professional offices.”

Located within the High Plains of Texas, Buddy Holly Hall was inspired by the region’s finely-textured sand terrain, short-native grass areas, mesquite shrubs, yucca and herbs. “The facility’s design was directly influenced by the magnificent landscape that surrounds the Llano Estacado,” explained Richardson. “The hall includes bright, open spaces offering extensive views of the neighboring vistas. All of our colors mirror the terrain’s rich pastel colors and deep earth tones to recreate the beautiful strata of earth that typify the High Plains. Creamy bands of white, red, blue and purple permeate the entire theater to literally recreate the area’s scenic splendor.”

The area’s look and feel then extended from the Hall’s studios, theaters and lobbies to each of the center’s 25 restrooms, where Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders® Partitions blended perfectly with the light-colored tile, flooring and countertops. In fact, the orange peel texture and linen-colored HDPE partitions were used in 100 stalls throughout the facility. 

“Other partitions were considered, but everyone ultimately decided on the Hiny Hiders due to their resilient HDPE design,” added John Crumpler, president of Sterling Building Materials in Lubbock. “We’ve supplied the construction industry in West Texas with architectural building specialties since 1958. And over the years, the community has continually moved away from metal partitions due to their propensity to rust and dent – problems that the Hiny Hiders simply don’t have.”

A leading provider of unique and attractive restroom partitions for the past 30 years, Scranton Products offers a variety of HDPE products in a wide range of colors and textures. With a new world view of health and safety, Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders® Partitions are also naturally germ-resistant and easy to clean. Unlike metal partitions which are subject to rust and can harbor germs, Hiny Hiders offer superior resistance to impact, graffiti, corrosion, mildew, and moisture. 

Since their introduction, Hiny Hiders have also become increasingly popular in the institutional marketplace due to their ability to create unique, attractive interior spaces in floor mounted overhead-braced, ceiling-hung or floor-to-ceiling configurations. Another benefit of their HDPE design is the ability to reduce regular maintenance and long-term replacement costs given that general soiling can be easily removed with mild cleaner and water. Visit Scranton Products’ care and maintenance guide at scrantonprodu1.wpengine.com.

“The Lubbock community has dreamed of a performing arts center for more than 30 years,” said Michelle Stephens, marketing director of the Lubbock Entertainment/ Performing Arts Association (LEPPA) in ConstructionEquipmentGuide.com. “It will change the face of entertainment and visual and performing arts education across the South Plains. Having a world-class theatre in Lubbock will allow Buddy Holly Hall to bring in top Broadway shows, entertainers and performers, comedians and musicians from all over the world.”

Scheduled events already include Boz Scaggs, ZZ Top, Amy Grant, the Jersey Boys, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and standup comedy. On the horizon are the full presentations of several Broadway shows.

“Hiny Hiders Partitions were the perfect complement to our designs,” said Richardson. “We chose them for their durability and timeless, classic look. Also easy to clean, we expect they’ll be a major part of the Buddy Holly Hall for years to come.”

To learn more about Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders Partitions please visit scrantonprodu1.wpengine.com or call 800-445-5148.

Hiny Hiders Partitions
Case Study

The Challenge

The Buddy Holly Center’s look and feel extended from the Hall’s studios, theaters and lobbies to each of the center’s 25 restrooms, where Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders® Partitions blended perfectly with the light-colored tile, flooring and countertops.

The Solution
Hiny Hiders Partitions were the perfect complement to the building’s design. They were chosen for their durability and timeless, classic look. Hiny Hiders Partitions are also easy to clean.