Two photos, one showing Aria Partition with door open, and other with row of doors closed

The University of Oregon Enhances Inclusivity with Gender-Neutral Restroom Transformation in Global Scholars Hall Using Scranton Products® Aria Partitions®

Eugene, Oregon

The University of Oregon recently upgraded two restrooms on one floor of Global Scholars Hall to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all students while accommodating fluctuating gender ratios within the student body. The project involved installing five Aria Partition restroom stalls and six shower doors.

The University and design team sought a replacement for the existing phenolic partitions that would offer more durability to withstand the high traffic associated with residence hall use and enhance the inclusivity of its residence halls by converting traditional restrooms into gender-neutral spaces.

Chris Andrejko, Principal at Rowell Brokaw Architects, Inc. served as the project architect. He said inclusive restroom designs are a growing trend, especially in academic settings.

Aria Partition for gender-neutral restroom

“Owners like gender-neutral restroom designs for improved equity but also for simplifying management. You don’t have to worry about shutting down a whole restroom based on the gender of maintenance staff, it simplifies cleaning and repairs.”

Aria Partitions® were selected for the restroom improvements due to several key features:

  • Floor-to-ceiling design: The floor-to-ceiling partitions ensured increased privacy and inclusivity, creating a comfortable environment for all users.
  • Gender neutrality: Aria Partitions align with the university’s commitment to providing inclusive restrooms that can accommodate any person, regardless of gender identity.
  • Flexibility for student fluctuations: The maximum privacy partitions can accommodate a fluctuating number of male, female, and non-binary students every term, eliminating the need to plan for an imbalance of available restrooms.
  • Durability: Dorms continuously have lots of people coming in and out. Aria Partitions offer the durability to accommodate the heavy student traffic and hold up well over time.
  • Ease of maintenance: Because shared restrooms have more traffic, ease of maintenance is key to maintaining these spaces. Aria Partitions are impermeable to moisture, minimize bacteria growth, prevent mold and mildew, and will never rust*.
  • Previous experience: The University of Oregon used Aria Partitions for the restrooms in three brand-new residence halls recently constructed on campus. This project allowed them to use the same product in the context of converting the restrooms of an existing dormitory.

“We were looking for a cost-effective way to create added privacy without doing a full-blown restroom remodel, said Micah Evans, Construction Services Manager at the University of Oregon Housing department. “We really needed full-privacy partitions because the spaces include showers, which demand a high level of privacy, and because they are the students’ personal restroom facilities. So, the hope was to create spaces where anyone can feel comfortable using whatever stall is available for their day-to-day restroom needs and feel a sense of privacy in an otherwise shared living space”

The aesthetic choices remained close to the restroom’s original design. To make the space inviting, the restrooms are bright and let in as much natural light as possible. At the new residence halls, there are also two clear exits to ensure student safety.

Feedback to date has been encouraging. “With busy students, silence is often a sign that things are going well,” said Evans. The installation on one floor serves as a test, and if feedback continues to be positive, the plan is to remodel other floors in the same manner to allow more people access to any restroom available.

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Aria Partitions Case Study

The Challenge

The University of Oregon wanted to upgrade two restrooms on one floor of Global Scholars Hall to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all students while accommodating fluctuating gender rations within the student body.

The Solution

Scranton Products® Aria Partitions® were installed to create a high level of privacy.  The gender-neutral design created spaces where anyone can feel comfortable using whatever stall is available.