Long bar of the the Frog and the Peach restaurant

The Frog and The Peach Restaurant Elevates Restrooms to Match its Culinary Excellence with Scranton Products® Aria Partitions®

New Brunswick, New Jersey

A truly elevated dining experience goes beyond excellent food, an imaginative menu, and attentive service. The best restaurants create a sense of comfort and belonging, making guests feel not only welcome but part of a unique space that for an hour or two, offers a refuge from the pressures of the outside world.

The Frog and The Peach is just that: a celebrated culinary haven in New Brunswick, New Jersey where tradition and modern comfort converge. The menu includes classic dishes as well as unique offerings that will surprise and expand your palate and the restaurant’s ambiance mirrors this by evoking timeless charm with a playful industrial twist. There was just one aspect that didn’t match the refined and thoughtful nature of the restaurant: the restrooms.

The renowned restaurant was established in 1983 and housed in an 1800s building that originally stored printing presses for the local paper and was later used by various factories and manufacturers. For years, renovating the restrooms was not a priority compared to other demands of remodeling and running the restaurant. However, it became evident to Executive Chef Bruce Lefebvre that it was time to upgrade the outdated and worn-out facilities.

“The restrooms were dated, to say the least. The partitions were painted metal with cheesy flip locks,” said Lefebvre. “They weren’t so bad that we would hear complaints, but it really was time for a remodel that reflected a refined interior design, and the restrooms just didn’t match the level of ambiance we’re trying to provide.”

He also added that they frequently had issues with chipping paint, vandalism, and difficulty keeping the metal partitions clean.

Lefebvre set out to remodel both restrooms to align with the restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience. He and his team considered having a woodworker make handmade partitions but nixed the idea due to concerns about longevity and maintenance. He wanted partitions that were resistant to bacteria*, easy to clean, and durable enough to handle daily crowds. Another serious consideration was that The Frog and The Peach is located in a flood zone, meaning they sometimes get water accumulation from the overflowing Orion River during large storms and hurricanes. Because of that possibility, the restroom required materials that would hold up, allowing the restaurant to quickly mitigate the situation and reopen. “I can’t have something like wood buckling and being destroyed to put me down for weeks, if not a month, of business,” said Lefebvre.

Aria Partition door at the Frog and Peach

Aria Partitions® combined the classic, refined aesthetics Lefebvre was looking for with the durability he needed. Designed to address common issues found in traditional partitions, Aria Partitions reduce sightlines to create a secure environment that puts guests at ease. Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, Aria Partitions exhibit exceptional durability, effectively withstanding environmental factors such as humidity and moisture. Unlike partitions prone to mold growth and rust, these solid plastic partitions remain unaffected, offering long-term reliability. Since these partitions do not absorb moisture, they eliminate the need for replacements due to water damage. Their impact-resistant nature ensures resilience against potential damage. Additionally, the color remains vibrant over time, negating the necessity for repainting. Because small details make a big impact on the guest experience, each partition features aluminum brackets and stainless-steel hinges. With only a light cleaning regimen, Aria Partitions stand out as a cost-effective choice, boasting minimal maintenance demands and long-term value.

“Aria Partitions were our first choice,” said Lefebvre. The decision was reinforced by the contractor’s familiarity with Scranton Products’ quality and belief that Aria Partitions were the ideal choice for the project.

The renovation project, managed by Brown & Glynn Construction, faced the unique challenge of a tight seven-day timeline for the overhaul of two bathrooms. Despite the small window, the renovation was completed successfully without any major hitches. The restaurant closed for five full days, allowing for additional improvements, such as changing the lighting in the dining room. The project’s adherence to the timeline was facilitated by the efficiency and reliability of Scranton Products.

10-Spec, a commercial restroom installer and Scranton Products dealer, also contributed to the success of the project. “We provide a high level of customer service and the craftsmanship required to make out-of-the-ordinary changes, such as cutting material down in the field,” said the company’s President, Nick Cerniglia. “After surveying the job, we were asked to make a product recommendation. Understanding that the restaurant chef and owner wanted something with maximum privacy and durability, we decided on Aria Partitions in a mahogany color that matched the restaurant decor.”

Now that they’re complete, the restrooms reflect The Frog and The Peach’s high standards. Classic subway tiles adorn the walls, with accent colors providing a touch of sophistication. LED fixtures are embedded in the ceiling, minimizing external elements for added cleanliness and safety. The partitions stand eight inches from the ceiling for improved ventilation in the small space.

Joshua Glynn, Project Manager at Brown & Glynn, said, “Before the renovation, the restrooms were dated. They probably hadn’t been touched in 25 years, so they were tired. It really didn’t fit the feel of the restaurant that it is now. The team did a very good job picking tiles and colors so everything flows well. It feels like the restroom is part of the restaurant now.”

The revamped restrooms have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, with patrons expressing awe at the transformation. The upgraded facilities now seamlessly integrate with the restaurant’s overall aesthetic and have become a notable element contributing to the exceptional dining experience. The project showcases the successful collaboration between a dedicated construction team and a restaurant committed to maintaining the highest standards across all aspects of its brand.

“The restrooms are gorgeous,” said Lefebvre. “If you really care about your brand, it all has to come together. The restrooms are beautiful now, and the partitions are certainly part of it.”

To learn more about Scranton Products Aria Partitions, please visit www.scrantonproducts.com or call 800-445-5148.

To learn more about Scranton Products Aria Partitions please visit www.scrantonproducts.com or call 800-445-5148.

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Aria Partitions Case Study

The Challenge

The finest dining establishments cultivate an atmosphere of ease and inclusion, ensuring patrons feel embraced and integrated into a distinctive environment.  The Frog and The Peach aimed to upgrade its outdated and worn-out restroom facilities to match the elegance of the restaurant.

The Frog and the Peach logo

The Solution

Aria Partitions® were installed.  They combine the classic, refined aesthetics that the restaurant was looking for with the durability needed.