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Aria Partitions Fully Closed Toilet Compartments - Expect More

Aria Full Height Restroom Partitions

Aria Partitions® are full height toilet partitions offering extreme privacy, many design choices, and innovative design features. Scranton Aria Partitions will move your bathroom, dressing and changing rooms into the future.

Expect More From Aria Floor to Ceiling Toilet Partitions

When you walk into a room designed with Aria Partitions you will understand what has been missing. The days of large sight lines, boring flat doors and panels and large gaps are gone. Designers no longer need to work with antiquated systems seen in standard commercial bathrooms.

It’s time to expect more with the Aria floor to ceiling toilet partitions. Scranton Products’ Aria Partitions provide extreme privacy, many design choices and innovative features that will significantly upgrade the look of your room and add a whole new level of privacy.

With millions of design combinations, your design experience will be anything but boring.

  • Ultimate Privacy

  • Customizable

  • Cleaner, Healthier Restrooms

  • Durable HDPE Material

  • Limitless Design Options

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Expect More Design Options With These Full Height Toilet Cubicles

The many advanced features of these full height toilet cubicles will allow you to enhance the overall experience of its patrons with its striking aesthetics. At the most basic level, bathroom partitions provide privacy. Aria Partitions will provide you with innovative designs like overlapping edges, continuous edge mounted hinges and floor mounted side panels resulting in a high privacy design.

Aria Partitions shoeless system gives you enhanced aesthetics, clean lines and ease of maintenance due to fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to collect.

Because the Aria Partition system is made of HDPE, it is impermeable to moisture, low-maintenance and helps to minimize bacteria growth.

  • 7 Panel Designs

  • 17 Door Designs

  • 27 Colors & Textures

  • 100% Innovative

Expect More Space & Features

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Full Height




Transom Panel


Door Panel Designs


Side Panel Designs


No Sight Edges


Shoeless Pilaster


Continuous Edge Mounted Hinge

Expect More Experience with Scranton Aria Partitions

Aria Partitions offer innovative features making the bathroom partition system easier to install with fewer structural restrictions. The Aria restroom stall system is floor supported, meaning it does not need to tie into the ceiling for floor to ceiling configurations. This creates tremendous design flexibility and ease of installation.

Other innovative solutions of Aria Partitions include a shoeless pilaster design which creates a cleaner aesthetic while eliminating a spot notorious for dirt collection. A side mounted hinge design eliminates the hinge sitting on the outside of outswing doors, which is typical in the commercial bathroom stall industry. Lastly, an engraved door and modular side panel configuration allows you to create a one of a kind bathroom.

  • No Painting

    Aria Partitions are solid color throughout and will never require painting.

  • Easy Graffiti Removal

    Graffiti is easily wiped clean with a common, nonabrasive cleaner.

  • Cleaner & Healthier Restrooms

    Impermeable to moisture, Aria Partitions solid plastic’s non-porous surface does not support the growth of mold & mildew and will never rust.


Watch Aria Partitions be featured on Fox Business New’s show Office Spaces! Learn about Aria Partitions and the impact restroom design and cleanliness have on patrons and how it impacts their view of the business, hospital, office or hotel they are visiting. See how modern and sleek our floor to ceiling, full height toilet partitions are.

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