The High Cost of Cheap Construction Materials in Your Facility

The High Cost of Cheap Construction Materials in Your Facility

When you’re choosing materials for your bathroom, locker room, hallway, or any other part of your facility, it’s easy to cut costs and go with the cheapest, simplest option. However, your facility construction needs to be approached with care and attention to detail to ensure that it’s built to the highest degree and will stand the tests of time.

At Scranton Products, we hate to see facility construction gone wrong due to the inadequacies of commonly chosen materials. To help you build the most durable, long-lasting facility available, we’re here to show you the high cost of cheap construction materials in your facility.

Durability Matters

What commonly goes over the head of facility managers during construction is how durable the materials are and how a low cost often masks underlying problems.

For example, screw retention is a significant issue that tends to be left out of the material selection thought process. If your construction calls for materials that need to be screwed in place, they’ll probably have to hold up against some pull force. And if you select a cheaper material, your screws won’t hold and you’ll need to constantly pay for maintenance to make sure that your materials are properly screwed into place.

The Cost of Repainting

Cheaper materials, such as baked enamel (painted metal) or plastic laminate, aren’t extremely resistant to scratches or paint chipping. Because these materials are scratchable, facility managers will have to spend money painting over heavy scratches so that their materials keep their visually appealing aesthetic.

The same goes for paint chipping. Facility owners will find that cheaper paint tends to frequently chip, which leaves an ugly-looking material that will need to be repainted frequently, resulting in more costs on top of your initial statement.

How Much More Expensive Are Cheaper Materials?

Over the years, cheaper, less durable materials require costly maintenance that adds up. But, if you choose HDPE materials for your facility construction, you’ll find that you’ll be able to save up to thousands of dollars over the years since you have to constantly budget for repeated maintenance costs. In reality, these cheaper materials end up being more expensive.

The HDPE Difference

If you’re undergoing facility construction, instead of relying on the cheaper materials, you should opt for HDPE plastic materials. HDPE requires much less maintenance for multiple reasons.

HDPE is durable and retains screws, is less impacted by abrasions, and doesn’t dent easily, so you won’t have to worry about paying for maintenance to reinstall screws. Also, HDPE is scratch resistant, so it keeps its visual appeal, and it’s built with a solid color throughout, so it won’t have any paint chipping or require a fresh coat of paint. This is why HDPE products feature longer warranties than the cheaper competition.

You can find out where HDPE materials from Scranton Products are near you so you can have the most ideal construction for your facility.

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