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Eclipse Partitions

Eclipse Partitions (patent pending) are the future of restroom partitions that offer both innovative design aesthetics and durable performance.
The clean lines of this system provide a contemporary look to any bathroom décor. This design delivers superior privacy above traditional partitions.

Make your restroom the best room

  • High privacy
  • Innovative hinge & post design structure
  • Sleek design with hidden brackets
  • Contemporary antigrip head rail
  • Durable HDPE material

Simple, yet sophisticated. Eclipse Partitions offer innovative design aesthetics and durable performance.

  • A custom designed metal framing system and pivot hinge eliminates the need for pilasters while maintaining sufficient clearance to the toilet
  • Hinges with lateral and vertical adjustment make it easy to align and level doors during installation and maintenance
  • A small diameter corrosion resistant aluminum post minimizes contact with the floor for ease of cleaning
  • No unsightly hardware visible from outside of stalls

Ultimate privacy combined with clean, contemporary lines to compliment any bathroom décor.

  • Designed with increased privacy in mind
  • Get the Edge – unique angled door edges eliminate sight lines for complete privacy and a comfortable “at home” experience
  • Available in three panel height options: standard (55″), privacy (62″), and high privacy (72″)

The combination of design, privacy and durability make this system ideal for any application from a high traffic airport to a modern corporate setting.

  • With over 30 colors and textures to choose from, architects, designer and building owners are sure to find one that fits their unique style
  • Custom designed partition hardware combined with solid plastic high density polyethylene plastic panels provides outstanding durability
  • Modular side panels allow selection from complete line of colors and textures and provides architects with a unique design element when combining multiple colors or textures