Duralife 123 Challenge

Duralife 123 Challenge - Teacher

“My hallways in my school building would look a lot sleeker and cleaner. Duralife Plastic Lockers in my opinion are defiantly they way to go in all school buildings.” Ashley Black, Teacher "Before taking the challenge, my intial reaction was that the plastic lockers would not hold up compared to its metal counterpart. After taking the challenge, I realize that it actually was different. The metal lockers did not hold up, whereas the plastic ones did. The Duralife Locker would solve many problems in my school. For example, the sound control. It would make things a lot quieter when students were moving throughout the hallway. Graffiti, that often gets vandalized on lockers, would easily wipe right off. Stickers, such as bumper stickers and band stickers, would immediately be able to be taken off. Overall my hallways and my school building would look a lot sleeker and cleaner. In my opinion, Duralife plastic lockers are definitely the way to go in all school buildings."

Duralife 123 Challenge - PTA

“Before taking the Duralife Challenge my initial reaction to plastic lockers is they would not be as strong as metal lockers, but afterwards I see that they are much stronger & I was very impressed by the durability.” Elena Meinhardt, PTA     "Before taking the Duralife Challenge, my intial reaction to plastic lockers was that they would not be as strong as metal lockers. But afterwards, I see that they are much stronger. I was very impressed by the durabillity. As a former Vice President of PTA, I think htese DUralife Plastic Lockers woul dbe a great benefit for any school. The metal ones are older, I've seen them in the school, they have become rusted, dusted and hard to clean. These new oens woul dbe benifical from a noise aspect, keeping the halls quieter, keeping the halls cleaner, neater and they have a great look to them. Not only will the teachers and administration enjoy them , but the kids will as well."

Duralife 123 Challenge - Facility Manager

“In my school the Duralife Lockers would resolve so many issues!” Tracey Bent, Facility Manager   Before taking the challenge for the plastic lockers, I wasn't expecting durability. You know the name says durable, but I wanted to see it first. After taking the Duralife Challenge, let me tell you, I was very impressed. The lockers are unbelievable. The quality,the graffiti test was unbelievable as was the hammer test. These lockers very impressd me. I couldn't believe the strength in them. I've seen lockers get abused and destroyed and I can't believe they held up. I hit that very hard with a hammer and it didn't do any damage to it. I am speechless to be quite honest. In my school, the Duralife Locker would resolve so may issues with kids just trying to be kids. When you get kids together, they try to do things they normally wouldn't do so. They will write on the lockers, engrave them and do all kind of things. Based on what I saw today, I would love to have these in our school only because they stand up so much better than what we currently have.

Duralife 123 Challenge - Teacher

“After the Duralife Challenge I saw that the plastic lockers are very durable, they held up to everything I did to them. They were easy to clean, when I slammed them they were a muffled sound. I am sold on plastic lockers!” Mike Koval, Teacher As a school teacher in New Jersey, I was very impressed with the Duralife Locker System, the sound of it was muffled, every day in the hallways you hear loud clanging of the metal lockers which can be very disruptive to the classroom. There are times when kids are coming in late or leaving early, and as a teacher, as I’m teaching, it can be very distracting when you hear the lockers clanging. Duralife Locker System was different, it had a muffled sound. It wasn’t as distracting when the kids shut them. I was also impressed by the way they cleaned. There is nothing worse than seeing graffiti on lockers or names written on lockers as you walk down the hall. These lockers were easy to clean. It didn’t take much to wipe off the graffiti that was on it so cleaning them on a daily basis would be easy. The lockers themselves were very durable. I was slamming the lockers, and no damage when I was hitting them with the hammer. My reaction before seeing the Duralife Lockers, was that there was no way a plastic locker could hold up in a school setting. They are used constantly every day, they are being banged and I didn’t think they would hold up. But after the challenge I saw that they are very durable and they held up to everything I did to them. They were easy to clean and very durable. I could slam it and it was a very muffled sound. I was impressed by the quality of the locker itself.

Duralife 123 Challenge - Professor

“Before I took the challenge my initial reaction when I heard plastic lockers were flimsy, nondurable, & not appealing to look at. After the challenge what I realized is that was not the case. These lockers are super durable and they are better to look at then the metal lockers..” Eileen Murray, Professor Before taking the challenge, my initial thoughts when I heard plastic lockers was that they would be flimsy, non-durable and not appealing to look at. After the challenge, what I realized, was that this plastic locker, could be super durable, was super durable, and is better to look at than the metal locker. The fact it’s going to last and it’s not going to change its appearance over time, because it can’t get banged up is very appealing to. Then when you have visitors to your school, the school just looks nicer. It’s easier to clean, easier put on a good face which helps the students, I think, have more pride in their school because it looks nicer for them. My impression is that the Duralife Locker already looks like is what it will look like in 10 years and would recommend these lockers to a colleague without hesitation.

Duralife 123 Challenge - Principal

“Before taking the Duralife Challenge, hearing about plastic lockers I thought for sure they would not be durable enough to last through a middle school or high school. After taking the challenge I have completely changed my opinion between the difference in the metal & plastic lockers.” Mike Stephancelli, Principal Before taking the Duralife Challenge, hearing about plastic lockers, I thought they would not be durable enough to last through a middle school or high school. After taking the challenge, I have completely changed my opinion on the difference between the metal and plastic lockers. I could never have believed that I could take a hammer to a locker, put a sticker on the locker and write with permanent marker on a locker and yet none of stays and none of it dents. I would never have believed it unless I had done it and was extremely impressed with Duralife Lockers. I was a bit skeptical about the graffiti part, and unbelievably it came right off. I was amazed that it did not dent at all as hard as I hit with a hammer, and the stickers came off without a problem. It was amazing compared to what I thought it would be.

Duralife 123 Challenge – Superintendent

“I can’t believe what I was able to do with the Duralife Lockers when I was taking the challenge. From smashing them with hammers, to writing on them with permanent markers, and to having stickers easily come off of them, I was amazed.” John Nittolo, Superintendent My initial reaction prior to taking the Duralife plastic locker challenge was, I had no idea that plastic lockers we as sturdy, as durable as they actually were. After taking it. I was amazed at how it held up compared to the metal lockers. I can't believe what I was able to do to these lockers when I was in there. From smashing them with hammer, to writing on them with permanent markers, to putting stickers on them. Having them all be removed, no damage whatsoever. I was amazed. Duralife Lockers seem to be the answer to a problem that a lot of people didn’t know they had. I believe we all just thought that there were metal lockers and just had to deal with the noise, the damage and the graffiti. And now knowing that there is actually a locker that answers all those needs, I think it will make me and some of my colleagues that I speak with make different decisions in the future.