At Scranton Products, it’s important to us that you fully comprehend the benefits of our products. Understanding all that our materials offer your facility is crucial, that’s why we’re dedicated to educating you about our bathroom partitions, lockers, showers and dressing compartments, and vanities.

Our products are created with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to support a healthier environment. This sustainable material reduces environmental impact, while increasing the air quality in your facilities.

Our educational guides will provide information about HDPE and why it’s the best option for your facility. Browse our collection of eBooks below and check back as we continue to publish new topics.

How to Choose Lockers for Your School

If you’re in the renovation phase, or you’re starting from the ground up, it’s always important to use reliable and long-lasting materials in your school. We’ve compiled the How to Choose Lockers for Your School eBook, so you can learn all the steps that go into choosing the right lockers for your school.

The Ultimate Guide for Facility Maintenance & Property Solutions

Download The Ultimate Guide for Facility Maintenance & Property Solutions to find effective solutions for your facility that you can apply today.

Safe School Design: How Architecture Plays a Role in Creating Safe & Secure Educational Spaces

Architects consider the safety of each building they design, especially when it comes to schools. Do you want to make sure your school is meeting the structural needs to ensure that it’s safe and secure?

Facility Manager Interview Questions: Finding the Right Staff for Your Facility

When it’s time to hire a new member of your team to work in your facility, there are many steps to take to find the most qualified individual. We compiled the Facility Manager Interview Questions: Finding the Right Staff for Your Facility eBook so you can understand the necessary steps to make sure you’re doing all you can to find the right staff member.

ADA Guideline for a Compliant Restroom

Making sure that your bathroom is accessible by all users is an important part of building and operating any facility. However, understanding what exactly is required by the ADA can be a little confusing. So we created the ADA Guidelines for a Compliant Restroom eBook to make it easier to understand if your bathroom is up to code.

The Complete Guide to Renovating Your School’s Locker Room

Does your school’s locker room need a serious upgrade? Planning a renovation project can be a lot of work, which is why we’ve created The Complete Guide to Renovating Your School’s Locker Room. This eBook makes it easy for anyone to plan and execute a beautiful redesign.

Choosing Bathroom Materials

We know that designing a bathroom is serious work, especially when it comes to sourcing materials. Keeping quality high and costs low is easier said than done, though, which is why we created this helpful guide to assist you with choosing bathroom materials.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Keeping your commercial restroom clean is essential if you want to run a high-quality facility, prevent dangerous health hazards, and deter vandalism. To help you and your cleaning staff stay on top of routine cleanings, we’ve created this commercial restroom cleaning checklist. This helpful guide will make sure that you don’t miss a single inch of grout so your guests can enjoy a comfortable, welcoming experience inside your facility.

Locker Replacement Checklist

Quickly and easily determine if your lockers are due for repairs or if they need to be replaced using our free Locker Replacement Checklist. You’ll also learn why locker safety inspections are so important and how to choose lockers that help to keep future maintenance costs down.

Restroom Design for Commercial Facilities

When designing the restroom for a commercial facility, you want to make sure it's functional and meets standard requirements, while also creating an aesthetically pleasing space. Scranton Products’ eBook Restroom Design for Commercial Facilities provides planning tips and tricks to help you pull off a welcoming restroom.

The 7 Crucial Mistakes Architects Make When Choosing Bathroom Partitions or Locker Materials

When renovating or remodeling your facility's restroom or locker room, you want to be sure that you select the highest-quality materials available. When architects don't pay attention to certain characteristics of their new bathroom partitions or locker materials, facility managers run the risk of facing high maintenance costs in the future.

The Ultimate Guide to HDPE Plastic Lockers

When choosing lockers to line the walls of your facility, you know there are a few requirements the lockers must meet. They have to be durable enough for everyday wear and tear, but they also have to look great and blend in with the rest of the building.

Sustainable Building Products: How to Make Your Facility Eco-Friendly from Top to Bottom

An eco-friendly facility does more than put your conscience at ease knowing that you're contributing to a healthier environment. Sustainable materials and products will improve the overall health of the individuals entering your facility and help you to save money in the long run. But what changes and improvements will make your facility more eco-friendly?

The Professional's Guide to Commercial Bathroom Renovations and Remodels

If you're going through renovations and remodeling for your commercial restroom, you're beginning a stressful process that will lead to numerous important questions. With so many advancements in restroom design and construction, do you know what you need to complete your project or what materials are the strongest?