How to Tell When It’s Time to Update Your School’s Lockers

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The lockers in your school are important because students need a space to keep the materials for their studies. It helps to have a designated storage space to house these materials when they’re not being used. If the lockers in your school are starting to show signs of wear and damage, it may be time to consider updating them. There are several ways to tell when it’s time to update your school’s lockers, so here are a few tips to help you know when it’s time to decide.

Dealing with Considerable Locker Damage & Wear

Lockers aren’t exactly treated gently. It seems a student’s preferred method of closing their lockers is by slamming them shut. Not only can this damage the door with nicks and dents, but it can also damage the hardware that keeps the door on the frame. Lockers endure a decent amount of wear over the years, so it’s important to routinely check the lockers to be sure that they’re in suitable shape.

The metal lockers in your school not only get scratched and dented over the years, but they’re also susceptible to rust. This is especially true in locker rooms. With the excessive amount of humidity and moisture, it makes it an ideal scenario for rust to appear on your lockers. Rust removal is effective, but time consuming and it can also lead to high maintenance costs.

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Graffiti is Constantly Showing Up

Graffiti is a common problem in all schools, especially middle school and high school. Bathrooms walls and stalls are often preferred canvases for budding graffiti artists. However, lockers are also a popular spot. In order to remove the graffiti, you’ll need to repaint the locker. Not only will this bump up your maintenance costs, but it can lead to VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions in your school. When there’s offensive graffiti present on your lockers, your hands are pretty much tied.

The Cost of Maintaining Your Lockers Keep Getting Higher

Tufftec Lockers in grey two-tonesUsually, the final straw for knowing when it’s time to update your lockers is when your maintenance costs have reached an all-time high. Instead of enduring these costs, as well as the time spent on maintaining your lockers, you should seek out a more cost-effective solution. This can allow you to not only update your lockers, but you can use this time to utilize a better material that can withstand the elements that have worn down your current lockers.

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Replacing Your Lockers with HDPE

When you’re looking for a lasting replacement for your lockers, using HDPE plastic has its advantages. Not only is this solid plastic durable, but it can endure moisture and humidity in your locker rooms. Another important thing to know about HDPE is that it’s non-absorbent, so when there’s graffiti present on its surface, it can be easily wiped away. What may be the biggest advantage of using HDPE lockers is that they’re designed to last and are 100% sustainable, making them a long-lasting and eco-friendly replacement for your school’s lockers.

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