Eclipse Partitions in White Orange Peel Color

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Eclipse Partitions in White Orange Peel Color

Eclipse Partitions®

Eclipse Partitions are the perfect solution for higher end retail facilities that are looking to provide their customers with high privacy and design. These partitions can enhance any facility design and provide the perfect synergy between your retail space and restroom.

Hiny Hiders Partitions

Hiny Hiders® Partitions

Hiny Hider Partitions are the perfect solution if your facility receives high traffic flow in the restrooms. Available in 3 different mounting configurations and multiple hinge options this system gives you the options to design the perfect restroom for your retail space while giving you the durability and style that will last for years.

Multi-colored Tufftec Mining Lockers

Tufftec Lockers®

Tufftec Lockers offer a complete line of lockers for employee break rooms or changing areas. Available in multiple tier options to meet your needs. Tufftec Lockers are the most durable, cost saving solution in the industry.

We Care About The Appearance
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Whether you are a high-end retail facility, shopping center or high traffic store Scranton Products has the products to meet your needs.
All our products provide your facility with enhanced design, durability and ease of maintenance.

Hiny Hiders Bathroom Partitions at San Diego Broadway Pier Pavilion

“Corrosion is another consideration since we are located on the waterfront…Even though their finish resembles stainless steel, each partition’s textured gray surface with small dots has yet to show any signs of airborne corrosive wear. Plus the thick, firm construction has already solidly weathered several years of use by thousands of patrons without incident. As a result, we will strongly consider Scranton Products bathroom partitions for use in all future projects.”