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Scranton Products® Aria Partitions® Help Create the Template for Gender Neutral Restrooms at the University of Montana

Missoula, Montana

The Background

As the state’s flagship academic institution, the University of Montana (UM) has spent the past 130 years dedicated to providing world-class learning experiences in the arts, sciences and trades.

Mostly recently, this commitment extended to the $8.5 million update of Eck Hall in Missoula, which has served as the college’s liberal arts building and one of the campus’s most active learning centers since 1953. Through the contributions of the Eck Family, the building now includes 25 classrooms with innovative teaching technology, a 120-seat auditorium, a new central building entrance on the famed Oval, three student and faculty engagement hubs, several ADA accessible restrooms, a new academic advising center and significant upgrades to the building’s sprinkler, electric, HVAC and internet infrastructure.

“As the primary home for UM’s humanities program, Eck Hall is the centerpiece of our university and serves the learning needs of thousands of students and faculty annually,” said Jameel Chaudhry, the college’s associate director of planning, design and construction.”

According to Chaudhry, other strong considerations surrounded the comfort, safety and privacy of an increasingly diverse student population. “We are dedicated to providing an engaged and vibrant experience to everyone that enters our campus,” explained Chaudhry. “The redesign of Eck Hall and subsequent remodeling of the first and second floor restrooms with gender neutral compartments was only the latest example of this effort, which will extend to each and every rebuilding project on campus for the foreseeable future.”

University of Montana Front Door

“The newly-redesigned hall opened just a few months ago and everyone is thrilled about the way the Aria Partitions look and fit into each restroom’s unisex design,” said Chaudhry. “In addition, they are the perfect replacement for our old metal partitions, which were easy to scratch and dent. The Aria Partitions are durable, especially easy to clean and we believe the ideal choice for an extremely active environment.”

As for the future, Chaudhry has already included Scranton Products Aria Partitions within the renovation plans for the university’s North Hall. “The newly-redesigned North Hall will include two sets of restrooms plus showers on each floor in a gender-neutral format that will accommodate nearly 500 students residing in about 200 separate rooms. Again, we see the Aria Partitions as the ideal complement to these efforts and all of our unisex plans going forward. The comfort, safety and privacy they provided to Eck Hall were exactly what we needed for projects like this as we go forward.”

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Aria Partitions
Case Study

The Challenge
“The multi-year renovation program entailed the update of the building’s entire infrastructure, aesthetics and learning capabilities ranging from the lighting and acoustics to its overall safety and accessibility.”

The Solution
To complete these accommodations,16 gender neutral, floor-to-ceiling partitions were created through the installation of Scranton Products® Aria Partitions® in a Linen color. Seamlessly fitting into each restroom’s warm palette of light browns, greens and yellows, the full-height partitions were chosen specifically for their ability to enhance the comfort and privacy of virtually any restroom.

University of Montana Aria Partitions