Hiny Hiders Bathroom Partitions at Norwich University

Hiny Hiders Partitions at
Norwich University

Northfield, VT

Creating Memorable Facilities—in a Good Way

Erin Liston, project manager for Norwich University’s Facility Operations, said they’ve used Scranton Products’ HDPE material for bathroom partitions and shower stalls for several years at Gerard Hall and were able to match the existing partitions.

“We installed new partitions with the existing Glacier Grey ones and added matching shower stalls. They have a nice look and durable hardware features like continuous hinges on the doors that stand up to the continuous opening and closing,” Liston said.

She also commented that the plastic shoes or footings at the base have a better interaction with cleaning chemicals and therefore are expected to last longer.

Bathroom Partitions that Resist Bacteria

Doyle Hall, which connects an ice rink to the gym and locker room, has a new centralized bathroom facility. Using Scranton Products’ HDPE material reduces bacteria and allows them to be cleaned without the worry of rust. The Doyle Hall athletic center renovation, completed in September 2010, has held up well to the constant wear and tear, according to Liston.

“This is not the typical school bathroom,” she said. “It’s a very contemporary and upbeat design using geometric shapes and a burgundy color.”

Ed Grimley, project manager for Engelberth Construction, Inc. in Colchester, VT, who worked on the Doyle Hall project, agreed with Liston’s assessment. “Unlike most institutional bathrooms, this is more similar to some of the megaplex movie theater bathrooms I’ve worked on with nice design elements and very bright and cheery colors,” he said.

On the labor said, Grimley said the Scranton Products partitions went up just as designed and without any issues. “Our workers found the partitions to be very sturdy and easy to install, and I would give a high rating to the hardware system,” he said.

Hiny Hiders
Case Study

The Challenge

Norwich University’s staff needed new shower stalls and bathroom partitions for upgrading the Doyle Hall athletic center. However, the new partitions had to match and coordinate with the existing ones that weren’t being replaced.

The Solution
The staff at Norwich University used partitions from Scranton Products that not only blended perfectly with the existing fixtures but also provided the upscale, stylish design that building administrators were after.