Hiny Hiders Bathroom Partitions at Ameritrade Stadium

Hiny Hiders Bathroom Partitions
at Ameritrade Stadium

Omaha, NE

Seamless Designs That Can Take a Beating

The new, ultra-contemporary TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE, home to the Creighton University Blue Jays and the recently held NCAA College World Series of Baseball (won by South Carolina), is now a proud beacon of design in the city. Owned by the Metropolitan Convention Authority (MECA), the new stadium has 24,000 seats and was completed in April 2011.

Safe and Durable Bathroom Partitions

Witte noted that HDR does about 90% healthcare designs, so they know how bacteria spreads in a public bathroom. “From a cleanliness point of view, you can steam clean the stalls without worry of rust, and bacteria does not live on the HDPE surface very long.”

Whether their team is winning or losing, college baseball fans are a tough crowd when it comes to graffiti. But according to Witte, MECA also owns the Qwest Center downtown, which hosts sporting events and concerts and has been through the repair and replacement process from vandalism.

“We tested it with the owners, who took knives, keys, markers, pens you name it and tried to damage the material,” Witte said. “This was the least destructible material we’ve come across.”

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

For more than 25 years, Scranton Products’ premium brands have led the plastic partitions market, setting new benchmarks for the industry in quality and delivery. In fact, Scranton Products is the only manufacturer of plastic partitions that ships in as little as five days, featuring the most durable, low maintenance, and best looking partitions, lockers, and industrial sheet products in the industry. They won’t dent, rust, or need painting, and because they have color throughout, delamination isn’t a factor.

Witte said the Hiny Hiders partitions installed in TD Ameritrade Park have provided a substantial savings on life cycle costs, long-term maintenance, repairs, and replacement. For that reason, she will continue to investigate many of the new colors recently introduced by Scranton Products for some upcoming projects.

Hiny Hiders Case Study

The Challenge

Architect Doris Witte of HDR, Inc. needed more than 300 bathroom partitions to complete her design for the new TD Ameritrade Park. The bathrooms had to reflect the same look and feel as the rest of the structure but also be tough enough to withstand rowdy college baseball fans.

The Solution

In keeping with the stadium’s futuristic look, Witte selected Scranton Products’ Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions in the Stainless Steel color and Grip EX texture. The Grip EX texture features a raised dot pattern that resists vandalism and graffiti.