Scranton Products Aria Partitions at Greek Development

Luxurious Accents Highlight Greek Development’s New Headquarters with Scranton Products® Aria Partitions®

East Brunswick, New Jersey

With a portfolio now consisting of about 100 separate industrial properties, Greek Development has spent the past eight decades developing, designing and managing 27 million square feet of commercial space throughout the Northeast corridor. This includes the Linden Logistics Center, which will likely be one of the region’s largest warehousing distribution centers when completed in 2024, and the Logan Industrial Park, a premier, 415-acre industrial complex serving the Southern New Jersey/Greater Philadelphia area.

As a result of this ongoing success and its ever-growing market presence, the company recently relocated its headquarters to a newly-renovated, 4,765 sq. ft. facility in East Brunswick, New Jersey. “We’re a family-owned business that treats employees like family,” said Danielle Verdon, the company’s office manager, who also supervised the move and served as the project’s interior designer. “The truth is we just ran out of space and wanted a new location that would not only dramatically showcase our full array of services and enable team functions in a familial setting, but also provide the solitude and quiet space needed to fulfill individual work tasks.”

To accommodate the needs of a staff that grew nearly 50 percent over the past four years, Greek Development moved to a vacant warehousing facility that the company owned less than a mile from its previous offices. “We began with a blank canvas that allowed us to fulfill our creative desires and functional requirements,” explained Verdon. “Over the course of 5 months, we designed a modern and sleek corporate home filled with natural light, modular furniture, beautiful kitchen and lounge areas and luxurious restrooms that don’t look or feel anything like standard corporate washrooms. We also made sure to address the staff’s overwhelming request for increased restroom privacy.”

To complete the desired motif, Verdon and her design team turned to Builder’s Door & Hardware, the Allentown, Pa.-based supplier of Division 10 products to the Eastern Pennsylvania marketplace and surrounding area. “Thoroughly understanding their design and privacy goals, we sent a variety of high-end restroom partition samples that included Scranton Products’® Aria Partitions®.” said Adam Gottwald, a project manager at Builder’s Door & Hardware. “We always start discussions like these with Aria Partitions because they are the nicest, most durable products in the marketplace. Another advantage is that they’re backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.”

Made of durable HDPE for commercial and institutional environments, Aria Partitions were developed by Scranton Products to add an enhanced level of comfort and privacy as well as elegance, warmth and charm to virtually any enclosed or private room. This reduces sightlines with a continuous edge-mounted hinge, while greatly improving aesthetics with a design that does not use face-mounted hinges like traditional bathroom partition systems.

With a new world view of health and safety, Scranton Products’ Aria Partitions are also naturally germ-resistant and easy to clean. Unlike metal partitions which are subject to rust and harbor germs, they offer superior resistance to impact, graffiti, corrosion, mildew, bacteria and moisture.

“We were immediately struck by the wide array of design options,” said Verdon. “We also wanted to get away from the metal partitions that were in constant need of repair in our former building. Elegant, stylish and durable, Aria Partitions easily became the perfect choice for our new offices.”

Available with 17 innovative door designs, 7 panel designs and 28 rich colors and textures, Verdon selected the color shale, floor-to-ceiling Aria Partitions with engraved door and side panels to complete the look and feel of both the men’s and women’s restrooms. This included 18 separate stalls, which blended seamlessly with each bathroom’s dark blue wall tiles, dark gray flooring and cabinetry, stainless steel fixtures and white quartz countertops.

“A two-man crew installed the Aria Partitions in less than two days,” said Gottwald. “And that’s another reason I love these partitions. They are not only easy to install, but Scranton Products is always there as a valued partner when needed.”

“Aria Partitions look great and provided the privacy our employees requested,” added Verdon. “We moved into the new headquarters at the end of 2021 and everyone was taken back by the facility’s open, stylish design that extends from our orange-colored steel front desk to the Aria Partitions adorning each of our restrooms. They are a wonderful accent to a beautiful design scheme that’s impressed not only our people, but the constant stream of clients who visit our building.”

To learn more about Scranton Products’ Aria Partitions, please visit or call 800-445-5148.

Greek Development Exterior

Aria Partitions
Case Study

The Challenge

Greek Development’s new facility required natural light, modular furniture, beautiful kitchen and lounge areas and luxurious restrooms with increased privacy.

The Solution

Scranton Products’ Aria Partitions look great and provided the privacy their employees requested. They also are a wonderful accent to their building’s beautiful design scheme, which continues to impress staff and visiting clients.

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