Industries that Would Benefit from Employee Lockers


Giving your employees a safe place to store their belongings while at work not only improves the security of your facility but can also help to keep your business running more efficiently. Below, we take a closer look at some industries that would benefit from employee lockers as well as a two additional industries that could use lockers for their guests.

Employee Lockers for the Retail Industry

Retail workers often bring a number of their personal belongings to work, including cell phones, cosmetics, handbags, backpacks, and portable gaming devices. Although its handy to have these items before work or while on break, they can quickly clutter the break room, stock room, or even the sales floor.

Lockers give employees a safe and secure place to store their personal items while they’re at work. As a result, they’ll feel less inclined to have the items nearby throughout their shift where they could cause major distraction.

As an added bonus, employees will know their belongings are safe. This peace of mind is especially appreciated when working with a large staff or during the holiday season when numerous seasonal employees are hired for support.

Lockers in Healthcare Facilities

Studies have shown that scrubs can carry large amounts of bacteria. So it’s a good idea to provide healthcare workers with an area where they can change in and out of their scrubs before and after their shifts. Lockers provide the perfect place for storing street clothes during their shift as well as any other personal belongings they may not want to carry with them.

When choosing the right lockers for your facility, consider using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lockers, which have been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria and germs.

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Using Lockers in Other Industries

One of the first things people think of when they think of lockers is a school. The education industry has been using lockers for years as a way to keep jackets, book bags, and other personal effects from clogging up classrooms. However, lockers can also be used for faculty.

Consider placing lockers in the faculty lounge or another communal space away from the student population.

Another common application that people think of when thinking of lockers is at the gym. Fitness centers across the globe offer lockers for their guests to store wallets, purses, keys, and more while they’re exercising. However, given the moist and humid nature of most locker rooms, metal lockers are highly susceptible to rust. Instead, consider using HDPE lockers which are 100% resistant to rust.

Learn More About HDPE Lockers

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that your facility could benefit from employee lockers as well as lockers for your guests. To learn more about the benefits of lockers made from HDPE, download our free Ultimate Guide to HDPE Plastic Lockers. This helpful resource will teach you about HDPE plastic, how HDPE lockers outperform metal lockers, and more.