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US Patent No. D887,021
Eclipse Partitions in White Orange Peel Color

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HDPE Benches

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Mahogany Aria Partitions in Hospitality Restroom

Aria Partitions®

Aria Partitions offer an enhanced level of comfort and privacy that add elegance, warmth, and charm to virtually any enclosed or private room. This includes making a bold statement that distinctly elevate standard restroom interiors with captivating, beautiful designs and simple sophistication.

US Patent No. D887,021
Eclipse Partitions in White Orange Peel Color

Eclipse Partitions®

The hospitality industry relies heavily on customer satisfaction. One area that often gets neglected is the common commercial restroom space. With Eclipse Partitions innovative design aesthetics, high privacy & durable performance are what makes this system standout.

Multi-colored Tufftec Mining Lockers

Tufftec Lockers®

It is important to provide staff with a safe and aesthetically pleasing locker for them to store their personal belongings. The locker room is one of the places where you can show your appreciation for those dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction in your facility.

HDPE Benches

Tufftec Benches

Tufftec Locker benches are a great compliment to the Tufftec Lockers. Benches are a great way to accommodate your employees and our available in the same color offerings to coordinate with the locker.