How to Add an All Gender Bathroom to Your Office

Creating gender-neutral bathrooms has been a pretty heated debate in recent years as a part of the gender equality movement. If you’re a facility manager and have received requests for a gender-neutral bathroom in your building, there are a lot of factors to go over in order to make your occupants happy. Luckily, there are a few options that you can consider to appease your buildings occupants and make them feel welcomed, regardless of their gender.

Consider a Single-Occupancy Set Up

Going for the single-occupant bathrooms can help make every occupant feel comfortable without making them choose a specific restroom to utilize, regardless of what gender they identify as. Single-occupant restrooms are a great mediation because it appeals to everybody and provides adequate comfort and privacy to every occupant throughout the day.

While single-occupancy restrooms can be ideal, they pose an issue in that you’ll need to create these bathrooms rather than repurpose an old one. This involves considerable work and materials to make single-unit restrooms. It would also take a bit of time, which may cause issues during the work week.

Choosing a Gender-Neutral Restroom

Changing your current restrooms into gender-neutral ones can be relatively easy; however, there may be a bit of maintenance involved when it comes to changing some of the fixtures and partitions. Not every occupant will be comfortable with the shared restroom, but there are certain steps to take to ensure as much comfort and privacy as possible. You should also leave some bathrooms untouched, as some occupants may feel uncomfortable.

Focus on Privacy & Comfort

Privacy is a huge factor to consider when making your bathrooms gender neutral. The best way to ensure total privacy is picking out the right partitions. There are several options available, but you’ll also want to go for an option that not only offers a great deal or privacy, but one that can last through the elements and require very little maintenance. You may want to consider Aria Partitions™.

Aria Partitions™ are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is a durable solid plastic. These full-height toilet partitions feature hidden hardware and hinges that help provide ultimate privacy by eliminating sightlines in the doors, and blocking the view both above and below the stall. These partitions can easily be customized to fit any restroom design, and they can be tailored for ADA compliance.

The Benefits of Choosing Aria Partitions™

Other than providing a comfortable and private stall for occupants of all genders, Aria Partitions™ have several notable advantages when compared to other partitions. They’re made from HDPE, which is a highly durable plastic that is impact, scratch, and even graffiti resistant. These plastic partitions are even impermeable to humidity and moisture, so they can essentially ward off any mold growth. Lastly, these partitions are sustainable because not only are they made from partial post-consumer materials, but they’re also 100% recyclable.

If you’re considering making the move toward all-gender bathrooms, you may want to consider choosing Aria Partitions™ to get started. To learn more about these partitions, you should read this blog post, Aria Partitions™: Enhanced Comfort & Privacy, from your friends at Scranton Products.