White Aria Partitions in School Restroom

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US Patent No. D887,021
Duralife Lockers

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Black Hiny Hiders Partitions Next To Blue Wall

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White Aria Partitions in School Restroom

Aria Partitions®

Perfect for higher education facilities where full privacy solutions are needed. Aria Partitions provides a solution for a co-ed environment.

US Patent No. D887,021
Black Hiny Hiders Partitions Next To Blue Wall

Hiny Hiders® Partitions

Hiny Hider partitions are a staple in educational facilities due to their durability, ease of maintenance, graffiti removal and scratch resistance.

Duralife Locker in Blue Color

Duralife Lockers®

Duralife Lockers are the first HDPE plastic locker that is fully fire-rated for your corridor application. Specially designed to meet the demands of the school environment, Duralife Lockers are built to withstand the harshest daily use.

Tufftec Locker Cubbies in a Classroom

Tufftec Cubbies®

Tufftec cubbies provide the perfect organized storage solution for nurseries, classrooms, and art rooms.

Grey Tufftec Lockers

Tufftec Lockers®

Designed to handle all your sports teams or locker room needs, Tufftec Athletic Lockers provide extra room for uniforms and equipment and are available with mesh door fronts, no door fronts or extra venting options for improved air flow.

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Scranton Products believes that students face the challenge of a complexly diverse world. We believe that in order for them to be strong, sustainable and able to perform and thrive in a global society, fostering inclusivity in our schools is essential. Scranton Products Duralife Unlocker Challenge underscores Scranton Products commitment to creating a positive learning experience that promote a strong productive future for students.

Executive Director Lynne Peterson Cologne Academy

“Durability and appearance were just two of the main attributes that led to our choice. In the five years since the academy first opened, the metal lockers we have in the other buildings on the campus are starting to look worn. We wanted a locker that would outlast and continue to outperform the metal ones.”

59x More Impact Resistant

Than Metal

3x Quieter

than Metal Lockers

15 Colors

to Choose From

60,000 Students

with New Lockers

Built for The Long Hall

Scranton Products HDPE products are built tough, down to every detail. Graffiti can be easily wiped clean with a common non-abrasive cleaner. Since Scranton Products partitions and lockers are formulated with a solid color-throughout compound, scratches are difficult to see. Compared to other traditional material types, performance plastics have greater resistance to impacts and dents, providing you with low maintenance products for your schools that will look great for years.

Graffiti Resistant
Mold Resistant

Did You Know

Duralife Lockers are the ideal product for schools that require outside lockers.
Duralife Lockers will never rust, corrode or delaminate.

Less Distraction For Students & Facility

The Recent test measured the noise level created by the normal operation of a metal locker at 81 decibels. To put that into context, the American Tinnitus Association identified an alarm clock (2 feet away) as having a sound level of 80 db. Alternatively, the noise level is considered similar to that created by a washing machine.

In terms of reducing potential noise pollution in the indoor environment, specifying Duralife Lockers in a school corridor, instead of metal would create a material difference. It is the difference between a hallway filled with buzzing alarm clocks or a hallway filled with whooshing washing machines.


Show Your School Pride

Scranton Products can engrave our partitions
and/or lockers to show your school spirit.