The Secret to Commercial Bathrooms with A High End Touch (Hint: It’s One of the Most Common Materials on the Planet)

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Facility managers of commercial bathrooms constantly face a serious dilemma: getting their bathrooms to look good. While it may seem inconceivable for a commercial bathroom to have high-end appeal, the secret to accomplishing this feat lies in one of the most common materials on the planet.

Scranton Products bridges the gap between a high-end commercial bathroom and a functional, dependable one thanks to the help of HDPE plastic material[TB1] . While plastic may seem like an odd choice for an upscale commercial bathroom, the material provides dependability and a pleasing aesthetic. Learn more about how HDPE plastic does this.

Multiple Color and Texture Options

HDPE consists of a solid plastic with homogeneous color throughout, but the material itself allows for multiple texture and color options for supreme customization. A high-end commercial bathroom starts with an exceptional design for your vanities or bathroom partitions. Whether you’re looking for a classic color, something from a designer collection, or a color and texture that’s completely new, HDPE provides the ability for facility managers to make sure that their commercial bathroom is providing the premier aesthetic that they’re hoping for, resulting in a beautiful, high-end bathroom.

Ability to Retain Aesthetic

Because of HDPE’s solid color build, when you choose a color and texture for the various aspects of your commercial bathroom, you don’t need to worry about the paint chipping. The solid color build eliminates the step of painting, giving your partitions or vanities the style you requested right from the get-go. And with no paint chipping, you can be confident that your commercial bathroom will hold its design throughout the years, eliminating the pesky need for repainting every so often.

Fight Against Ugly Mold

Mold and mildew may be some of the ugliest problems that a commercial bathroom can experience. To hold a natural design aesthetic, you need to be sure that your commercial bathroom resists mold and mildew. By now, you can probably guess what material repels bacterial growth.

HDPE bathroom materials are built to be impermeable to moisture, which is commonly the cause of mold and mildew accumulation. The non-porous surface of HDPE plastic holds its beauty by not allowing paint chipping but also by fighting against ugly mold and mildew, two elements that definitely lower a commercial bathroom’s rating below the high-end echelon.

To be sure that your commercial bathroom holds its high-end design appeal, your best choice is HDPE plastic. With many available colors and styles to choose from, you can tailor your materials to uphold a sophisticated appeal. Plus, with no maintenance required for repainting due to chipping or to clear out any mold or mildew growth, you can be sure that your high-end commercial bathroom will continue to look great.

Where Can I Find HDPE Materials?

Scranton Products features multiple HDPE bathroom materials that can elevate your commercial bathroom to a high-end level. Learn where you can find Scranton Products HDPE materials near you.

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