If you’re leaning toward renovating your facility’s bathrooms, or updating the lockers and storage compartments, you have a bevy of options to choose from. But choosing the right material is extremely important. You may have heard of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), but did you know it’s one of the best materials to use for bathroom partitions and lockers?

It’s never fun replacing your bathroom stalls or lockers, but what if you used a material that lasted longer than materials like powder coated steel, stainless steel, and solid phenolic core? That’s where HDPE comes in. Most of the previously mentioned materials offer great durability, but over time they can wear, resulting in another replacement. HDPE lasts much longer, and we’ll tell you how.

Below, you’ll see a few guides you can click. In these guides, you’ll learn the many reasons why HDPE is a superior material when it comes to replacing your bathroom stalls and lockers. You’ll learn why this material is more durable, more sustainable, and greener than all the others.

HDPE vs Other Bathroom Materials

When choosing the right materials for your bathroom partitions, the final decision shouldn’t be too hard to make. You’ll want the most durable material on the market. But what if that material was highly resistant to mold growth and made from recyclable material? Click this guide to learn why HDPE trumps all the others.

Are All Plastics the Same?

Unfortunately, not all plastics are created equally. When you’re selecting your next plastic material, there’s a competition for your attention. Scranton Products has performed a variety of tests in comparing HDPE, solid color reinforced composite, and phenolic bathroom partitions to ascertain the benefits and drawbacks, if any, between these popular building materials.

Duralife HDPE Student Lockers vs Metal Lockers

Lockers are crucial to any school, for storage purposes as well as the overall design. While powder coated steel has been a staple for schools for many years, there are a few drawbacks to this material that result in repeated replacements. They’re susceptible to rust, paint chipping, and graffiti. Scranton Products has developed Duralife Lockers as a better solution that provides more durability and sustainability, and less maintenance and repair costs than run-of-the-mill locker materials.