Why HDPE is the best material choice for bathrooms & lockers.

Material Choices in the Restrooms

Scranton Products Hiny Hider bathroom partitions provide one of the longest life cycle in the industry. Constructed from premium American-made 1" solid HDPE with a homogenous color throughout, Scranton Products HDPE plastic resists dents, scratches, corrosion, graffiti and mildew - and will absolutely never rust. The facts speak for themselves. If you're serious about investing in a worry-free product that will save you time and money, Scranton Products HDPE is the smart choice.

Are All Plastics the Same?

Two competing materials in the marketplace today are Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) and Phenolic bathroom partitions. Scranton Products has performed laboratory testing the compares HDPE, SCRC and Phenolic to validate certain features & benefits and provide the industry with a clear understanding of the differences in materials.

Duralife HDPE vs Metal Lockers

The traditional material choice for hallway corridors is metal lockers, more specifically 16 gauge powder coated steel. Some of the common issues with this material choice are rusting, paint chipping, and graffiti removal. Scranton Products® developed Duralife Lockers™ to provide the industry with a better solution with superior aesthetics, improved durability, less maintenance and improved air and noise quality.